Christmas Mantle Unveiled

I was so inspired by a small photo in my new Better Homes and Gardens magazine this month that I decided to try to recreate it in my own home. This mantle was created by a cool florist named Twigs and Moss and I think it's amazing. Though it helps to have the tools and be comfortable using them, I really think any of us can do this.

The focal point for the mantle is the pair of antique angel wings. I so loved these wings I had to have them! In fact, I cut up a piece of wood I was reserving for several frames on order...sorry!

Here are the steps to create your own set of angel wings.

Create a template on a piece of paper, you will use the same template for both wings but to make a set you will have to finish opposite sides of the cut wood. Trace around the template onto your wood, I used a 20x32 inch length of pine from Lowe's (see the pencil mark where it's ready to be cut into a frame?!)

Cut out your wing shape. I used my pretty red Skil jigsaw/scroll saw combo.

Next, I penciled in the rough shapes of feathers along the surface of the wing then went over the lines with my Dremmel.

Now I sanded everything really well with a palm sander, this mouse sander was perfect for getting into all the grooves.

To get the distressed, antique look I painted the wings with an antique white acrylic paint, about 4 thick coats. Sand in between coats with a fine sandpaper to get a nice smooth surface.
Next, brush a medium stain over the whole wing and wipe off. Make sure to get stain down into the grooves to accentuate the feathers.
Prop the wings up on your mantle over a pine garland and pile pine cones in the between them. A wreath hung above finishes it off.

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  1. Jennifer! I have been searching for these angel wings since I saw that SAME picture in Better HOmes!!! Would you make these and sell them? I would like them to be driftwood in color and really big like the ones in the picture....if so, PLEASE contact me at jenncarter@comcast.net


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