A Magical Fort

What to do with an energetic 6 year old Helper Munchkin (with a "boo-boo") in the dead of winter? This idea from Garden Nymph takes the ordinary pillow fort to the next level. Piled with pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets and strung with lights - this secret fort is magical and cozy.

Take a peek inside...if you know the secret password, that is.

Helper Munchkin waiting for the surprise

We dug out our patio lights. They are easily attached by winding the cord around the table legs and across the center. Tuck the cord into the hook for the extra table leaves to hold it up and out of the way. The glow is magical and sets this pillow fort apart. Supervise while the lights are on, you know I'm Miss Fire Safety now!

Some lunch, a cuddle with the pup, a few games, a movie on the portable DVD...a pretty nice afternoon into the evening.


  1. kids LOVE forts! I like the lantern idea - and I have those same Laura Ashley sheets from eons ago (I think when we got married) and we make forts out of them now too!

  2. We just built the same exact fort in my kitchen last week!!!!...we used flashlights....I took picutres and forgot to post about it....

  3. That is just too cool! The kids are lucky to have such a creative mommy!

  4. HOLY CRAP!! That is crazy cool.
    I cant let my kids see thi or my kitchen table will constantly be covered in lights and sheets!!

  5. you so totally rock! fantastic fort ... please excuse me while I go build one for myself. :) ... ok, my daugher can share it with me.

  6. Fantastic photos and I love the lantern lights - nice touch!

    My 2-year old son adores indoor forts :)


  7. What a great idea! I may have to give this a try when all else fails to please....I see the cockapoo too! Thanks for entering my contest and come back anytime! Melinda

  8. Magical Fort in Deed!
    Magic and Joy!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration--I did something like this for my 10-year-old when he was away one evening. It wasn't as lovely as yours, but he was delighted and we had some nice reading time under the twinkly lights! Super fun.


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