You Are Never Going To Believe This One (unless you are a mother to three boys) OR a Bedtime Story to Give You Nightmares

Let me tell you a little story...

Once upon a time, a 6 year old boy got a bloody nose while his family was visiting friends. He went into the bathroom to stop the bleeding before his mother could see it, because she would yell at him for picking his nose again.

He took some toilet paper from the roll and wadded some up in his nostril, leaving some trailing out of his nose and waited it out.

After some time, he climbed up on the sink (where a candle was burning) to look in the mirror... You see where I'm going with this???

The toilet paper caught on fire, while still in his nose. The little boy was afraid to burn his hand by pulling it out, so he turned on the water and stuck his head under the faucet.

He was rushed to the Emergency Room and he looked like this:

Two days later he looked like this (you can't see it, but he has no eyelashes):

This is a true story and now my little guy has second degree burns over his lips and nose. Each time we speak to a nurse or doctor and tell this story the respose is always "WHAT?!" It is horrible and it took me 2 days to get over wanting to cry or get sick every time I looked at him.

BUT we were evaluated by the West Penn Burn Center today and were told everything is healing nicely and will likely not scar. So, the moral of this story is...DON'T PICK YOUR NOSE or you might burn your face off! (come on, I have to find the humor or I might get into bed and never come out!)


  1. Oh poor little thing - hope he gets better soon - and you've gotten over the shock.

  2. Oh, that's the most tragic thing I've heard all day but your moral cracked me up. I can't wait to share the photos with Sam as a warning! Lately he has developed an affinity for picking his nose!

  3. I'm glad to hear that he's healing nicely. Another positive - maybe he and his brothers have learned from this not to play around with fire in the future :)

  4. Wow, happy to hear this didn't turn out worse and that he will be good as new when this heals. I do love the moral of the story ~ a great one to share.

  5. Oh my! I am glad that he is okay. Although I can't help but laugh! We have 3 boys too, and yes, the only way to deal with them sometimes is to find the humor in the times that they scare you to death! *Crossing Fingers* The only time we have had a fire incident (boys only involved), our 5-year old quickly pulled down his pants and extinguished it - In the front yard, Wonderful!

  6. OMG, I am rollin' after reading this (so sorry if that's not appropriate but I couldn't help myself--it's a horrid story, really!)!!! As the mother of a little picker of my own, I am just positive this can be turned into some sort of published fable for lil' pickers worldwide, otherwise known as LPA...Little Pickers Anonymous!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and best of luck on the giveaway~and with your little picker's owies!


  7. OMGosh! That poor little guy! I am glad he his healing and that you are using humor to deal with this! Good for you!

    Thank you for entering my portion of the OWOH giveaway! Good luck to you! :)

  8. chuckle chuckle what a story he has for his lifetime travels...it must have been awful for you tho...poor little guy'll never be game to pick his nose again....

  9. Found your blog through the OWOH giveaway and I just had to bring my husband in to read this post with me and we are both laughing so hard. Being the parents to 3 boys we can totally relate. It always seems to be out middle son though! God Bless ya honey! Great to find the humor in it too!

  10. Oh goodness me, the poor little tike. I hope he is healing nicely. I bet that was a lesson he will never forget, don't they say the hardest lessons learned are the ones we remember?
    Aww this must have hurt so much - burns sting forever!! Give him a big hug from a stranger who cares xo

    ps: Yes! You must have humour to get through these things

  11. Poor little guy...
    My granddaughter fell in a fire pit..
    second degree burns as well...
    kids heal great...

    thank god...

  12. Our children keep us on our toes! God bless you and your son, I am so glad it wasn't worse! I have two boys and they both like picking - good lesson!;0)

  13. Holy smokes! poor critter ... that IS one SCARY bedtime story. I am happy things didn't turn out worse & that the prognosis sounds really good.

    ps - love that you can crack a joke about it

  14. I'm hoping you're spoiling him rotten.....it's always my reaction when something beyond my control happens!!....ice cream, candy, trips to Dollar Store, sleeping in my bed....all these things help you both!! :)

  15. Oh my goodness! I wanted to laugh, but I felt his pain as I know what a burn feels like. Poor little guy. I'm glad you made him a magical world to escape to, lovely memory!

  16. Ohhh, this is awful, yet funny! Glad you can see the humor in it! ;)

  17. Poor little guy! It's frightening how fast these things happen isn't it? I have four girls and they get in no less trouble. I'm telling both of the older ones this story (especially the ten year old who has just discovered matches)! So good to be able to laugh, or yes, on some days we would just cry.

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  19. Ok...I know this is an old post but I am spitting in my coffee because I am laughing so hard (sorry little guy) this is something my boys would have done. Love it...hope he healed well.


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