Well, finally someone in her family has shown they have a brain and are publicly questioning Nadia Suleman's judgement. Too bad it had to happen with cameras rolling on national TV.

Do you remember the first days with your newborn? Did you cry and sweat and lay awake nights worrying? Did you look at the 19th diaper/bottle that day and feel like you could take no more? Did you stumble to the crib at 3 am with your eyes closed because you had the route memorized?

Do you remember your second child...you had the routine down, but you were doing it with another needy child asking for your attention? No naps, no down time, and you wondered why you thought last time was so difficult??? Stumbling to preschool with mascara smeared under one eye, your shirt marked with spit-up and inside out, your hair in a cockeyed pony. One is like none, two is really hard! Your third...fourth...fourteenth??? How is it humanly possible to do this alone? It is very clear her support system is breaking down. Shame on that doctor.

The rest of us can look back at those days and reminisce, even laugh about the craziness we survived with a stronger bond as the result. This will not be the case for Nadia, I'm afraid. The childhood of these 14 children will go by in a flash with numerous caregivers meeting needs. When will there be time for bonding?

I go between spurts of anger and sympathy for the mother, she seems so clueless. But, the real victims will be these children. Though her heart is big, her resources are small. Good luck babies, it's going to be a long haul.


  1. Hey you've gone 3-column! I like! One thing I noticed that I had the same trouble with. If you used the same instructions as I did, it will tell you at some point to go in a increase the space between columns.

    If you have trouble, let me know. I'm certainly no guru, but I think that I can find my instructions.

    Have a great day. And I agree with the post!

  2. Yes the doctor has behaved unethically here for sure...who knows how it'll turn out...i just feel for the children...

  3. Lori, You noticed my 3 columns! I'm not a lost computer cause after all! But I have a big surprise coming...one of my best bloggin buddies is transforming my blog and the colums. To be unveiled soon!!! Jen

  4. Oh you lucky girl. I wish I had a best bloggin buddy who could do some magic transforming for me! ;-)
    Have a great day.

  5. I'm right there with you....alternating between mad and sympathetic.....can't wait for the big reveal!!

  6. I'm pretty sure she's delusional. Something's just not right about her.

  7. the whole situation makes me sad. wishing all the kids hope & happiness.


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