I Need a Drink...

Okay, so my 10 year old is obsessed with You Tube. It's a pain in the ass because I have to sit there and watch every click because I found out he'd been Google searching "girls bubes" the other day (thank God he inherited the spelling gene from the Big Guy) so he's on lock down. My husband says he should just look at the Playboys he looked at when he was 10 and keep me out of it, but anyway...

He's obsessed with learning magic tricks online and You Tube completely messes up my computer and causes it to freeze up. I needed to do some work on my taxes (okay, I was crying because I was having trouble with the website while PMS-ing, sue me) and the printer froze and the computer needed to be restarted and the form I was filling out started over (which seemed like the end of the world at the time). I was crying and yelling about "stupid You Tube", and #1 son, and how I was never letting him on the computer AGAIN, "just forget it, never again, you hear???" sniff, sniff, hoooonk!

He was upset and apologizing, saying something about a surprise, but I sent him off to bed and sat down to reboot the computer and this is what popped out of the printer:



  1. Aaaaw!

    and how frightened am I? Sam (at almost 3) is obsessed with YouTube, too!

    Bubes! As a literacy specialist I am way impressed. As a mom, I am freaked out!

    I remember how sad it was the first day I saw dirty graffiti in the elementary school bathroom. Sad because those "babies" couldn't even spell the words!

  2. aahhhh. Just when you're ready to kill them, they pop up and do something like that! lol Can't live with them, can't live without them.

  3. Maybe it's time for a "knitted mittens and a margarita" girls night out (or we can do it at noon - I don't care!) "Bubes" is HILARIOUS!

  4. Here's a tip for ALL moms with kids who like YouTube: try KidsTube...You can walk away. The site is highly monitored for content.

  5. I got this when we lived in AZ and our sitter was using our computer. http://www.eblaster.com/
    It is a great option for a home computer with curious little ones on it. You can't BLOCK sites with it but you know exactly what they are looking at and looking for. I think it was only 100.00 for a remote download. You just keep your e-mail sign-in private so that it can't be deleted.
    Oh...and it's really really hard to find to delete from your computer. Even if one of them does figure it out, they will remotely reload it for you for no charge.
    I don't have it on this computer anymore, but I liked it when I had to use it.
    Feel better. The week is almost over!!!

  6. You are smart to police YouTube. I sometimes can't believe the stuff that is on there and what comes up on search requests.

    That was a very cute note from him. How sweet.

    First time visitor to your blog. I live in Cleveland.

  7. OH MY GOD! "girls bubes". That was a real laugh out loud for me. Thanks!
    I really really HATED those times when I acted like a big bitch amongst such sweetness. argh. "Almost" makes ya want to be nice all the time, just in case! :-)


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