"THE" Prom

Okay, Jen, this one's for you...

I've had a request to unveil my own prom photo for all of the web to see. I have no excuses for the over-abundance of sequins (that left my arms a scraped up mess), the overly full skirt, or the bow that was wider than my body.

My hair could touch the ceiling in most vehicles, most of my allowance was spent on Rave hairspray in those days. My styling technique involved Rave and a hot curling iron. I can remember the hiss of steam that would rise from my hair as I burned it to a crisp trying to coax it skyward. Sometimes there was a row of bangs, curled under of course, other times there was a shiny wall of hair that rose straight up from my forehead. For some reason, this hairstyle was very popular. I have no other explanation.

Without any further ado, I bring you Williamson High School Senior Prom, 1990. Theme: Stairway to Heaven...

My date's name eludes me (Cliff or Clint or something). He wasn't my boyfriend, just another guy who was planning to go stag, as was I. It was basically a carpool opportunity with pictures and dancing. I admit I did kiss another boy that night that I had a crush on. In this particular picture he appears to be thinking "What happened? How the hell did I get here in front of the furry white gate and who blew up all these balloons?!?"

And, before you ask, here is my Senior Portrait:

Here, I am modeling my favorite Gap t-shirt and my prized acid washed jeans that were tapered at the ankle. I was sporting my trademark braids on the side of my head that were bleached blond and adorned with beads. I am feeling very "hot" in this photo.

There you have it, your mission is to post your own prom pictures and post the link in the comments box so I can go point and laugh. Come on, it's fun!


  1. oh, so sorry, my prom picture was burned in a tragic candle fire ... hmmm ... that's not right. I don't have a scanner and am afraid I'll break my camera attempting a snapshot. yeah, that's it. :) imagine Cinderella in 1985 (junior prom) ... yep, and he wore a blue tux ... now imagine 1986, a friends junior hand-me-down prom dress & Frankenstein for a date ... at least we ended up at the beach. :)

    love that white gate backdrop ... am still giggling. I'm jealous that you went to a school where you could pick cool backgrounds ... I was at one of the last that did that odd black drape thing with the black feather boa for a colar ... EEK! (did I just admit that I'm getting old?!?)

  2. Crack me up! Love the braids! I will have to scan my pics and post them.

  3. I love it! This little excerpt made me lol: "I can remember the hiss of steam that would rise from my hair as I burned it to a crisp trying to coax it skyward." I laugh not in judgment, but in recognition of doing plenty of funky things to my own hair. In one of my prom photos, I had dyed my hair HOT pink to match my dress. I'll let you know if I ever work up the courage to post that one, but I can't make any promises. ;-)

    I also had a little braid in the 90's. I kept one strand of hair long when I got a short bob cut. The long strand was then braided and embellished with beads and charms. I spent a lot of time messing with it when I was nervous or bored in school.

  4. So perfect! I can almost hear Cindy Lauper in the background "girls just want to have fu-uhn!" I'll go post my pics. You'll laugh (or cry). :-)

  5. Now, did you have a perm? I had a perm all the time in jr high and high school! NICE!!

  6. hey jennifer,
    you were a few ppl infront of me at rollll call this a.m. at the sista's... so i thought i'd stop by and say "hi!" i loved your pictures! you were quite the fashionista! love the hair, love the jeans! didn't go to my prom (long story) but i love looking at others pictures,they were great, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh yes! I totally enjoyed this trip down memory lane...lol.

    Now I'm going to have to get on the ball and post my own...you've given me incentive!

    I would just like to point out, that my hair currently touches the ceiling in most vehicles (and even most rooms on humid days!). Oh, the joys of curls.

    Thanks for the smile this morning!

  8. so funny! the early 90's were really not fair to us fashion-wise, were they?

  9. awwwhh miss!!!! Why can't we all look timeless and classic like Jackie O. and Lady Diana????

  10. Jen, awesome pics. I love seeing the high school and prom stuff.

    It got me thinking - I honestly cannot remember what our prom was called. I wanted to say "Enchantment Under the Sea" but then I remembered that was from "Back to the Future." Opps...

  11. oh lordy. I'm gonna have to dig out my own. What a fun idea!


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