Sunday Funny

Are you having trouble deciphering anything? Pull the outside of your eyes to the sides and try again...Something you want to share?


  1. so, the person that designed that tricky little gotcha ... how DID they do it?!? my brain has a hard enough time wrapping itself around the actual trick.

    ps - didn't have any issues reading it, either. ok. that's just not true.

  2. I saw this and said ,"what the he##?" Then I focused and it came into view. I'm simply sending this off to my all my friends but NO!-- I'm not asking if they can read it... They'd probably lie anyway.LOL

  3. Ugh, now you sound like my husband!!

  4. I had to sit back a little, but then got it. JDM, your husband sounds like me. LOL.


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