Fins to the Left!

I know I was supposed to take you to Fallingwater today to see a marvel of architecture...but doesn't Jimmy Buffett sound like so much more fun? Okay, let's scrap refined and go for recreation!

If you are from Pittsburgh or have ever visited, it's all about the tailgate, baby. Pittsburghers can tailgate like you've never seen and any event is a good excuse to pull one together. Imagine a large parking lot with music coming from full sized speakers set in the bed of a pick up truck. There are blow up pools full of water, sand banks, flatbed trucks with DJ's and a dance floor...and the FOOD!

Our menu included grilled shrimp, marinated drumsticks, steak shish kabobs and key lime cupcakes. Sound good? Look for the recipe at the end of this post.

After all of the eating and drinking and dancing, it was time to get our annual group photo before we headed into the show. We look like we've got it together, right? Our friend even looks like Jimmy Buffett (my kids think he IS Jimmy Buffett)

What you don't see is the attempt to rouse the last member of our group that passed out in the backseat after indulging in too many adult beverages, shhhhh ( I obviously found this infinitely funny):

Oh, and take a look at the potty someone built in the parking lot! I ran all the way back to get my camera for this one. Let's just say, I wasn't in bad enough shape to use this. It's like a Martha Stewart concoction, look at the toilet paper holder! There was even kitty litter in the bucket to pee into...wow.

We finally made it to our seats in 7th row and were soaking up all the island breezes when the theme from Jaws began to thump...you know what that means... Fins to the Left!

23,000 fans obliged:

It was a great night for good food, good friends, and great music. See you next year, Jimmy!

Do you want to make some Margaritaville fun of your own? Start out with this delicious recipe from The Cupcake Project. I made a few changes, but the core recipe is hers and it was delicious!

Key Lime Cupcakes

• 1/2 C butter (room temperature)
• 1 C sugar
• 3 eggs
• 1 C milk
• 1 C flour
• 1 1/2 C graham cracker crumbs
• 1 t baking soda
• 1 t baking powder
• 1/8 t salt
• 5 egg yolks
• 1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
• 1/2 C lime or key lime juice

1. Beat the butter for about 30 seconds until creamed.
2. Add the sugar and mix for 3 minutes until light and fluffy.
3. Add the eggs, one at a time, being sure to beat for 30 seconds for each egg.
4. Use food processor to grind the graham crackers into tiny crumbs.
5. Mix flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking soda and powder, and salt.I whisked
6. Add about 1/4 of the mixture to the butter mixture.
7. Add some of the milk.
8. Continue to add the ingredients in a dry - wet - dry method, ending with the dry.
9. Mix until just combined.
10. In a separate bowl, mix the egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and lime juice.
11. Dump the key lime mixture into the graham batter and lightly stir. Do NOT fully integrate the key lime and graham batter. You should have clumps of batter in a key lime soup.
12. Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full. Make sure each liner has a nice distribution of key lime liquid and graham clumps. (I might consider spooning both in separatly next time and swirling)
13. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until top springs back.

Cool completely and ice with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting:

1 stick butter, softened
1 block cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp key lime juice
1/2 tsp. lemon or lime extract (it's hard to find lime extract)
4 cups powdered sugar

Whip all the ingredients together and frost cupcakes.

I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on top and decorated with a paper drink umbrella.h


  1. I experienced my first Buffett tailgate and concert last year and I'm now a HUGE fan! Do they park actual boats at your tailgating? They do down here! Great post with great pics!

  2. It's been soooo long since I've seen Jimmy!!! I was a die hard for years!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much for the cupcake recipe! I will surely be trying these!!!

  3. Jen, a few of my buddies were at that show. Was this the one at the locale formally known as Starlake Amphitheater?

    OK, the "special" potty that you saw was priceless.

    A Buffet show is always a blast.

    I have fond memories of seeing the Eagles and Poison there back in the day. LOL.

  4. that really, really looks like a BLAST!!

  5. The last Buffett concert I went to, I threw up in a straw hat in a rented van and slept on a linoleum floor spooning the toilet. Memories...

  6. So much fun! Cheeseburger in Paradise is now stuck in my head!

    ps: I'm totally using the makeshift Porta-Potty idea in the future...genius!

  7. -->Love Buffett! We went last year and there is a picture on my blog doing a shot off an ice luge. I think this year we're just going to tailgate and people watch - - So much fun!


    (Visiting from SITS)

  8. OMG - HOW FUN! Now that's my kinda party!!!!! Thanks for stopping by today and for the follow! I can't wait to dig into more of your fun posts~! I'm cracking up that your boy conversations revolve around "balls", seriously - in many of my girlfriends and my disccusions, "balls" is a hot topic. Specifically, the big brass set that I own! (Figuratively of course!)

  9. Oh, what wicked fun! Looks like y'all had a blast! Can't wait to try the cupcakes!


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