Stay-cation in the Laurel Highlands - Let's Take a Hike!

My alternate title for this post was "Three Boys Pee Their Way Across the Laurel Highlands". Seriously, these kids are like dogs marking their territory! I bet my kids peed in nearly every spot I photographed. It's a guy thing, I guess.

We started out on bikes and noticed a little trail marker on the side of the path (we might have been peeing when we noticed it). Somehow, the kids' bionic ears picked up a waterfall (I seriously heard nothing) so we set off to investigate...on a nice marked trail.

Eventually, the Big Guy's GPS brain kicked in and he determined the trail was headed in the wrong direction. So, who needs a trail? Right? Those kids made me scale down a cliff (which they first peed off) and down into this valley,

and damned if they weren't right - jack pot!

Next, they painstakingly climbed up to the ledge next to the waterfall and peed (I am not kidding) and threw rocks down into the water. Big Guy quote: "These three kids can cause more destruction in 30 minutes than erosion accomplished in 20 years"

Fam-on-a-log (they stood on this and peed off the side)

When it was time for lunch, we stopped on the river bank for a picnic. The kids found this cool "tide pool" to explore.


The highlight of the trip was viewing the big waterfall from the viewing deck

It wasn't long before they were down in that river themselves. They decided to built a raft (after peeing of course):

And wade into the water pulling up their shorts to reveal their chicken legs. Well, some of them.

Once one got in, they all got in and enjoyed riding some natural "water slides"

What a great day in the mountains. Did you know you can follow the Laurel Highlands on Twitter? Yep, mountains even twitter now. Get with it, man.

Tomorrow I will take you to Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, so come on back now, ya hear?


  1. JEN,
    Don't you just love family time.. love the pictures of your family. God bless.

  2. Oooh I love this post! All the peeing cracked me up, and your photos are just plain gorgeous. The last picture is so precious. My fiance and I go back and forth about whether we want to have children or not. That picture may have swayed me a little in the right direction, just look at that father-son love!

  3. great pictures! i kind of think the reason god made them boys is because they are not able to hold their pee in until they get to a bathroom. one of my boys peed out my back door the other day!

  4. I grew up with 2 younger brothers and an uncle who was a couple years older than me, so basically a third, older brother and let me tell you... I know all about boys and peeing too! LOL! Gotta love it! Great post and even better pics! :)

  5. Oh the green colors! love

    So glad to see you're enjoying your summer!

  6. That seemed like a wonderful vacation. I enjoyed the pictures on both of your posts.

    The "marking your territory" thing is definitely a guy's characteristic. LOL.

  7. I want to take the kiddos on this same exact hike!!!!! Tell me how to get started...

  8. Those are gorgeous photos! How'd you take the ones with all of you in them? Magic? I love the log photo! Looks like you had fun!


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