I Heart Faces Photography Blog - Theme Boys!

Boys, originally uploaded by hopestudios1.

Here is a photography theme that was just MADE for me - Boys! I am entering the kids catagory and the rules are easy, boys only. I decided to contribute a photo of two of my boys and a nephew relaxing on a bench at our cabin in the woods.

I love that they were unaware of me taking the picture. They were tired and dirty after a long day and look a little like kids from the Depression era. Cute. Most of my favorite photos are of the kids NOT looking at the camera. So, there it is. Do you want to check out this awesome website? Just click on the button above and have fun!


  1. I loved your picture! I hope you win! It is IMPOSSIBLE to ever get all the boys smiling in a picture. I've gotten to the point that I'm just looking for artistic. Moodiness works for me now! Someone's always in a moody stage!

  2. Visiting from SITS today and became your follower. Maybe I'm blind, but I couldn't find your Twitter...do you Twitter? Enjoyed your posts. LOVE your pics. Very nice template too! I will be baaack...LOL

  3. Great pic! They must have played hard because they look so exhausted. Visiting from SITS and good luck :)

  4. That is beautiful! I love the color of the photo! And the mood is just great! Thanks for getting my butt in gear too! I checked your Twitter link just in case and it seems ok. We have got to get you a wider column! Your photos deserve more space! You great! think about a bigger main column and one side column like mine. Let me know!

  5. I'm sure you know that should have said "You're great!"

  6. GReat picture, they look wore down...

  7. i love this picture. i love boy pictures. i do love my boys, too.

  8. What a great picture! My entries for this week are up on my blog: http://scienceesl.blogspot.com

  9. i bet they made lots of play before this shot was taken. good one!

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