DIY Round-up

Thanks for for linking up this week. Between here and A Soft Place To Land, I've seen some pretty great ideas. Here is a peek at some of my favorites:

Boutelle Family Zoo used chalk board paint in an ingenious and practical way...inside her pantry doors! It's dead space there anyway, and the paint us useful and looks great:

Out of the Crayon Box may have convinced me to try once more for a girl with this adorable kitchen set made from an old cabinet!

Fabulous Finishes used a combo of stencils and swarovski crystals to jazz up her daughter's bedroom (again with the needing a girl thing...)

Over at Kimba's party, I found this amazing use of burlap (for curtains!!!) by All Things Llanos:

We are planning to take the kids to Washington D.C. this week, so I don't have any activities planned to share from my summer calendar. But I can share how one particular Mentos and Diet Coke science experiment played out:


  1. Hi Jen.
    Thank you so much for the little shout out. I do have to tell you though, that when my pantry doors came up in my dashboard I was mildly traumatized by the ridiculous mess of the pantry items inside. Eeek!
    No more photos before straightening for me. ;)
    I am off to check out your other finds.

    P.S. That mentos and diet coke experiment rocks! My girls would want to do it EVERY DAY!
    I can hear it. "But Mom, it's science!!!!"

  2. These ideas are amazing, and the photos are cute too! The mentos and diet coke thing has always intrigued me, but I've never tried it myself. I lol'd at that last photo, they're like "take cover!!!"

  3. nice picks from the DIY roundup - I especially like the Fabulous Finishes ... I have to imagine a bit of laughing ensued just after that last photo. :)

  4. thanks for the great ideas.
    ps - i totally shared your blog about the summer comforter thing with my mom and now she is hooked on you, too!

  5. Boys love that science project! LOL! Great action shots! Too cute!

  6. I love the chalk board idea

    ☼Hope you're having a sunshine ☼ filled Sunday!☼

  7. Love the inside the cabinet chalkboard idea - I've kept an eye on many other ways to use it in rooms- mentos are a blast - have you seen the mountain dew one that is supposed to glow like neon? I've not tried it but want to - found it on youtube.... you're boys would probably enjoy it! (if you do try it, let me know if it works :) )

  8. Cute ideas! I love DIY projects! It's fun to see the creative ideas that people come up with.


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