DIY Thursday - Window (mis)Treatments

After my Bathroom Chandelier post, I had a few comments about the window treatment over the tub. I subscribe to The Nester's "window (mis)treatment" theory, and agree that is doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thus the term "(mis)treatment". Love that.

This window is a perfect example of this theory in action. Yes, a real interior designer would cringe (look away now if you are one!), but it suits the purpose I intended and it's pretty...so it works for me (and really, what the Big Guy doesn't know won't hurt him).

We hung a thick drapery rod with awesome finials (I don't like to cheap out on those as far as looks go, but regarding cost; you can pick these up at any discount place Marshall's, TJ Maxx for a lot less).

I hung an every day store bought sheer in an antique gold color using the clip on drapery rings. I just like the way the curtain falls when using these vs. pushing the rod through the pocket at the top.

I pulled it to the side by screwing a little cup hook into the wall and using the band of fabric included. I tucked the fabric band into the cup hook and hung an extra tassel on the front.

I cut a rectangle about 1 1/2 x the width of the window out of a rough dupioni silk (about a yard, and I used my JoAnn's 1/2 price coupon). I didn't even hem the edges, just tucked them under and swagged it over the rod, leaving the ends longer.

The first end I wrapped around the rod and pinned it tight with straight pins from behind (click on the picture to see an enlarged photo, you can seethe little straight pin, no sewing! Oh, and you can also see a layer of dust sitting on top of the curtain.)

The second end I ballooned with some plastic grocery bags and pinned from behind with straight pins.

And another little bathroom tidbit, I didn't have a good photo of this (and I'm too lazy busy to go up an take another one). But, I hate ugly containers on my bathroom counter (disregard the large tub of shaving cream and tube of toothpaste in front as I type this), so I bought a cheap "crystal" decanter (read: cut glass from discount store) for the Big Guy's mouthwash. It just dresses it up a little bit.

That's all for me, link up below and then head on over to A Soft Place to Land to link up or to check out some of the other great DIY projects. Just click the button below:

**UPDATE: I just clicked myself over to check out Kimba's booty and there is a PRIZE for linking this week! Hurry, go enter and win an awesome postcard inspired pillow!



  1. It looks very nice. Ignore any interior designer who tells you otherwise...LOL

    Here's to Wednesday

  2. Perfection is over-rated. It looks great!

  3. Loooovvve the mouthwash decanter!!! Gotta get my big guy one......

  4. Love it!! It looks Awesome!! Love the decanter too!

  5. Looks great! My bathroom is never without various hygiene paraphenalia and well toys, shoes, dirty socks. Who knows. Any number of frightening things.;)
    I love the sheen of the mistreatment, btw.

  6. Beautiful! I love the chandelier over the bathtub, so elegant.

  7. Hey, I'm the one with the mistreatments and the "it doesn't have to be beautiful". Kimba's the one with the real talent!

    Oh who cares? It looks really great!

    Nice job!

  8. Love it, looks grand !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. I am loving that mouthwash idea! So great... The window treatment is gorgeous too.

  10. Hey like your window rx design - I am clueless when it comes to sewing and prefer to find simplier solutions when I can, saving the higher price of custom draperies for those main focal rooms in the house (ie) kitchen....

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