Sunday Funny - Why didn't I think of this???

I love funny commercials, and this one is right up there. If my kids were still at tantrum age, I'd TOTALLY be doing this:

Happy Sunday!



  1. That's awesome! I'll let you know if I get up enough nerve to try it...

  2. I have thought many times about how I wish I could get away with this! Unfortunately, I would probably end up getting hauled off...

  3. I've seen that commercial before, and if I remember correctly, it gave me lolz. Happy Sunday to you too!

  4. LOL....
    That was great!

    I have a video over on my blog as well. I would love to have you come over and leave your URL in the "comments" for others to come back and check out your funny comercial. :-)

    Have a beautiful day

  5. I hope I don't hurt myself when I try this!! hahahaha

  6. Hilarious! Looks like it would be effective, but I'm not sure I could pull it off. And, anyway, my daughter's 17 so she'd better not be having tantrums haha.

  7. Are you thinking I should do both Mr. Linky and MckLinky?
    I did pay for Mr. Linky and tried to upload it last week but it was a no go. I tried all day to get ahold of them to help me and never got a response. I "talked" with Rhoda from Southern Hospitality and Susan from Between Naps on the Porch and I had done everything correctly-Susan even looked at the code I entered and she said it had to be on his end. I ended up getting up at 2 a.m. to load MckLinky so I would have it up for the party so I decided to give them another shot since there were no problems. I did send an e-mail asking them a question and haven't gotten an answer back yet.

    Tell me the benefits. I rely on those who have gone before me to offer their expertise. I have had a family blog for more than a year but didn't do linky parties and I have only been doing this blog for 3 months so I am still learning so much as my blog is growing.
    Anything you can offer to help me along would be great and much appreciated and anything I can offer for you is there on the table as well.
    I have 3 boys as well but did get a little suprise that turned out to be our princess.
    Its So Very Cheri

  8. Oh, LMAO I wish I had the guts to do that!

  9. this one is cool too

  10. My Aunt actually did this to my sister one time. It was FUNNY!! The tantrum stopped. HAHA I have tried it at home a few times, but not out in public. LOL

    Thanks for sharing. I am enjoying your blog.



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