Need a Personal Shopper?

You know that friend or blog buddy who always seems to come home from a weekend of garage saling with a butt load of awesome finds? The one who seems to know just what to do with that monkey bowl or chipped picture frame she saw in a pile at GoodWill? The one you always ask for tips before you go out thrifting (and return with a sad looking vase)?

I have a friend like that. Every time I look at her weekend haul I'm like "Dude! I never find stuff like that!"

Well, guess what? My friend is now your friend. She is going to shop for you, pick out the most awesome vintage stuff and let you take advantage of her good fortune and keen eye for decorating. You guessed it, it's Kimba from A Soft Place to Land . She has stocked her Etsy shop with the best of her vintage finds and is offering them up to you over at KimbaMade.

Want to see some of my faves?

This cool, vintage scale. You'd pay big bucks for this at Restoration Hardware:

This beautiful, delicate milk glass bowl screams Anthropologie:

And, drum roll please...

Little Birdie Candle Holder! I love love love this! I have 25 places in mind for this! I'm going to dream about this tonight!

Are you dying to go see what Kimba has found for you? Okay, hurry up now, run on over to KimbaMade before that other lady buys your cool white ceramic soup tureen!

**Okay tomorrow (um tonight at 10 pm EST, shhhh) is my Tutorial Tuesday Linky Party! Come link up your tutorials so my Tuesday readers have someplace to go !**


  1. Cute things. I am so terrible at even figuring out where to put stuff. Does she come to your house and find that perfect spot for what you buy?!

  2. I swear I could live on Etsy - the sheer amount of creativity and talent is mind blowing! Now I have yet another seller to check out!

  3. You're so right, that bird candle holder is amazing! Your friend has got great taste.


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