Tutorial Tuesday

Well, I'm away from my computer for the week, and it just seemed fitting to rerun one of my most popular tutorials for you on this Linky Party day as I sip cafe au lait in some sidewalk cafe. So, if you haven't seen my Sex in the City Shoe Tutorial you'll need to hop on over there now.

Okay, with no further ado, I'm going to leave you to entertain each other on this Tutorial Tuesday with your own links. I'm not picky about what you're teaching us today - a recipe, a craft, a hairstyle, what-ev's. It's all good. But don't let my tutorial hungry readers down, they need some 'tutes people!



  1. I posted on How to Create a SmileBox Scrapbook.

  2. I looked back in my stuff and found that tutorial I made about my daugther's genealogic tree.

  3. I love how-tos and posted a few of mine. I hope someone else enjoys them besides just me!

  4. This is my first link up -- and I did an easy fall centerpiece. Hope someone likes it! : )

  5. If you have a CAT you will definitely want to check out my blog today...I'm number 19 on the list.


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