Tutorial Tuesday - How to Turn Yourself into a Giant Quivering Ball of Nerves

Step 1 Send you sweet boys, including your youngest, to school all day and spend the days alone for the first time in almost 11 years.

Step 2 Begin 3 boys in 3 sports that have practice times and game times that overlap, making it humanly impossible to to physically transport them in time without the use of that human transporter thing in Star Trek. (don't get me started on trying to also squeeze in homework, dinner, and baths)

Step 3 Plan a trip out of the country for the first time in your life while you are all still getting used to this schedule.

Step 4 Have no idea how the second half of your trip is being covered when it comes to child care.

Step 5 Realize 6 days before you leave that your Last Will and Testament is hopelessly out of date (meaning that 2 of your 3 children are not even mentioned in it) and try to draft up something on the fly while searching for a notary.

Okay, I'm busted. I'm not ready for Tutorial Tuesday this week with all my trip preparations and my stress level is high. Isn't this fun that you know about my trip ahead of time? I usually sneak off so the big bad robbers don't steal my favorite TV while I'm gone, but this time I'm leaving an arsenal protecting my kids, dog and house. So, we're all planning together. It might be fun if I hadn't developed a stress ulcer in the past week and wasn't crying at the drop of a hat.

So, here's the scoop, we've all been waiting for "the speech" and we can watch that instead of working on some fun crafty project together for one week. Is that okay? And next week, while I'm gone, we're having a PARTY! A linky one! Won't it be fun? You can come up with something good and link up here to send all my lost tutorial expecting readers scurrying off to view your own offerings. It's a deal!



  1. Stopping by from SITS...

    I hope you get everything done! I'm stressed just reading about it. But I'm sure you'll get it all handled. Us moms can do anything!

  2. with so much on your plate, being stressed is an understatement!

    Don't hesitate to ask family, friends, & neighbors for help as you prepare!

    The stress now will be so worth once the traveling starts.

  3. You poor thing! Don't stress, just take it item by item!

  4. Awww, you definitely have a lot on your plate! I can totally empathize. My doggie is at the vet at the moment for a risky surgery for cancer; planning a ridiculously elaborate bday party for my son - everything custom designed; got a recent promotion (sans higher wages) but am under crazy pressure and deadlines; trying to straighten up my house and yard in time for the aforementioned party!

    Both of us need to take a deep breath, and try TRY TRY to relax!

    At least you're going to Paris!!!!! :)

    So pea green with envy!

  5. yikes! good luck with everything! think how nice it will be next week when the most stressful thing on your plate is deciding where to have lunch in paris!!!

  6. Ooh, la, la! I didn't realize your trip was so soon! I'm so excited for you! And jealous. Did I mention I was jealous? I cannot wait to see your pictures! Oh, and what kind of recipes and treasure you might bring back!

    Stressed, you say? I can relate. I may be stressed just a little. Scott asked me how he could help me in the kitchen last night. I told him to get out of it if he wanted to help me. A few minutes later Sam came in, very excited and said "Mama, Daddy's looking at boats on the computer!" I heard Scott say "Sam, you're worthless!" I guess Scott thinks I might need to relax a little!

    Fine by me!

  7. I feel badly that you're so stressed. It's all going to work out, so live in the moment. You can't control the rest. :-) Easy for me to say, huh?

  8. I'll wait for next week...
    It's the LEAST I can do! Psst...what else can I do for you?

  9. ooohh Miss....I can feel the panic right through the internet!! You have to believe it will all be worth it!!....because it will be! Take a deep breath.

  10. Jennifer, you need to get some of your girlfriends and go have some fun at the new Rivers Casino there in Pittsburgh. Let your stresses fly away as you sit at the slot machines.

    Oh, and you absolutely need to update your will. I would suggest it (at a minimum) every two years. But you're right; I never had one and never thought about it until we had kids.

  11. See? Now if you lived closer to ME, I would TOTALLY be able to take them for the entire trip. :( Oh well.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do. Have a great trip if don't talk to ya!
    Hang in there!!!


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