Tutorial Tuesday - How to Wear a Scarf

Wow...where were we? Oh yes, my trip to Paris. I wanted to share the single best fashion tip I picked up while there - wear a scarf...always wear a scarf.

This bit of fabric can mean the difference between looking a mess (or at the very least blah) and looking polished and put together. Really, there is very little effort involved.

I had heard stories of the elusive and confusing scarf before I left and scoured the Internet to learn how to tie this thing, but found very few articles. So, I tied it best I could and paid attention while I was there...all for you.

So, here is what I learned about How To Wear A Scarf:

A small square tied once around your neck is the quintessential "french chic" scarf...um, except I only saw the flight attendants and women in suits wearing a scarf this way. But it's still cute:

Better yet, most ladies tied a small scarf onto their purse strap to bring some color into their outfits. (Warning: I did this and lost a scarf in the cemetery as it must have slipped off my purse. Darn.)

I saw a woman in a cafe wearing a filmy scarf like this and she looked so elegant. It was wound once around her neck, then one end was fed under the piece around her neck and pulled out to hang over while the other end hung straight down. It was lovely:

A funky woman pulling a suitcase onto the Metro gave me a variation of this. She wound it around her neck once, then tied the two ends in a low knot. Cool. No really, it was hot down there to have all that fabric around your neck:

This is the most simple and straight forward, yet equally lovely. Fold your scarf in half and place around your neck. Feed the loose end into the loop the fold forms and pull. You can wear this as tight or as loose as you'd like. This works well with a long scarf.

This is a little more fun and funky. It actually a silk waist belt I got years ago that had no buckle. This is Friday night out for sure. Just wind a slim scarf around your neck once and let the ends hang free while you sip champagne and boogie the night away:

On a cooler day, they used a fuller scarf. Wind it around your neck once then begin to make a loose knot with the ends...just don't pull the second end all the way through. You get a little bump that sticks up in a cool way and short ends hang down:

This same scarf on a warmer day when you want your hot neck exposed (like in the metro!). Just wind it around your neck once from front to back, bring the loose ends back to the front then pull the part around your neck down into a cowl. Now, tie the very bottom of the loose ends:

Finally, wind a linen scarf around your neck twice and knot loosely. Leave one loose end in front and fling the other over your shoulder in the back:

Okay, that is all. Oh, wait...you love the colorful orange and red scarf? You want to know where I got it? Target. But after my trip, I prefer to call it Tar-jay. Yep, $19.00 and a LOT of snobby rich people commented on it. Go get one, you won't be sorry!


  1. ok first i read u were just back from paris JEALOUS and then i read to always wear a scarf AGREED and then i read that followers were your crack ME too - i've given you your hit, and i expect a hit back!

    visiting from SITS and your latest crack hit - ehm - follower

  2. Gorgeous! I would like to try some of these if I can get up the nerve to make a fashion statement!

  3. I'm all about scarves! They take any outfit and give it a certain flair!

    Welcome back by the way!

  4. I wear different scarves all throughout fall, winter, and spring. I love them, because most of mine can be used as wraps when I get a little chilly. Scarves and hats...can't get enough of either!

    I wore the small little neck scarves a LOT when I was pregnant. It sure did draw from my ever growing body. Unlike you, Jen...I was not the cute little pregnant woman with the pretty little basketball belly. I grew all OVER. Ha-ha!

  5. I love the look but don't think it'll go with my baggy tshirts and athletic shorts wardrobe. lol

  6. love it.......thanks for sharing!!!!!

  7. It's so funny you posted on this! I bought my first scarf in Paris (in High School) and the sellers taught me to do the half fold, loose tuck method. That's how I always wear my scarves now -- and it's super warm in the winter. What a fun fun post!

  8. Great ideas! I usually wear mine like the light pink one folded and pulled through! Now I am ready to mix it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Thanks for the great tips. I found your blog yesterday and couldn't stop reading :)

  10. My sister who is always in and out of Europe has the whole scarf thing going on and whenever I see her it makes me think I have to get into it a little more.....she has even given me some cool ones. I just never think to in the summer. But now that it is "officially" fall....I have to start!! Thanks for the tute :)

  11. I'm always drawn to scarves and own so many but never wear them because I don't know how...so thank you for this! Love it!

  12. I've always seen other women wearing scarves, but never though I would be able to pull it off. Maybe I'll try one of these styles out...won't the fashionistas at work be surprised!

  13. Hi Jen.
    I'm so glad (and mildly envious) that you had a wonderful time in Paris. Oh, just saying that word feels good.

    Anyway, You are my scarf rock star! Seriously, I'm contemplating copying and pasting these photos into a printable (Tricia tutorial) to put on my closet door. ;)


  14. Boy do I wish I would have read this yesterday. I have always loved how scarfs look but end up looking like I don't know how to wear the scarf. I went to a girl's night out last night with my sister-in-law, saw a beautiful scarf and passed on purchasing it because of my lack of scarf tieing ability. Now I must find the scarf and try it.

  15. Love this tutorial! I love the last scarf and way-to-wear especially. Oh la la!

  16. i love scarfs and wear them all.the.time. i can't wait to try a few new configurations! thanks!

  17. So many ways I've never tried! I haven't worn my non-winter scarves in so long, I'm going to have to get them out now! Thanks!

  18. I love scarves- they can dress up an old outfit in no time!


  19. Thanks for the comment on my kitchen makeover! Be sure to let me know if you paint yours. I would love to see it. Love, love, LOVE those scarves and your Paris trip!!!

  20. Thank you for this!! I love scarves, but never knew how to wear them properly. Now I know!! Yay!! x

  21. very creative - you wear these well! thanks for the great pix :)

  22. I couldn't agree more! Even if it's not so cold outside, scarfs are so useful! I just came back from my trip to Paris with LMT booking, and i saw scarfs everywhere! even the guys wore it in some Victorian weird way :)

  23. Excellent tips here, well done for sharing this information... Cheers.

  24. this is a fabulous post!
    I love scarves but haven't worn them except for warmth--I live in Canada--need I say more?
    I have no neck really and I worry that the scarf just hides what I've got which isn't much...did all types of necks wear scarves in Paris?

  25. hi
    i love your blog. thanks for feeding our curiosity &

    encouragement to be fabulous. I'm stay at home mom & mostof

    the time i wear old clothes. i dress up only in the evening

    when we go out. i save all my dresses for special occation.

    my question is what about french stay at home mom do. do

    they really wear good clothes even when they stay home.if

    they do how they do housework you know cooking, laundry

    etc etc. could you share any tips please.
    thank you


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