Neck Warmer - Tutorial Tuesday

Every weekend I wear a fleece neckwarmer while I'm skiing. It snugs around my neck to keep out the wind and I can pull it up to protect my face on extra cold days. It's just the ticket for times I can't be bothered messing with the ends of a long scarf.

The one I purchased cost about $15 dollars and is black. I looked at it and realized it used about $1 worth of fleece and 10 minutes of time to sew, so I set out to make warmers to match all my coats!

Let's make winter Neck Warmers!


Fleece material
Needle and thread or sewing machine


Cut a rectangle of fleece 27 x 20 inches long.

Fold in half, right sides together, so that you have a piece 27 x 10 inches long.

Sew along the long end of the folded fleece.

Turn the "tube" right side out.

Fold in half again and sew the ends together.

Turn right side out again so that the seam is inside the "tube". Your tube should be about 10 inches high by 26 inches around. These measurements can be adjusted for smaller or larger heads, little munchkin heads, big Hubby heads...whatever you'd like!

Slide over your head and go... Skiiing! Sledding! Snowshowing! Tubing! Whatever, just do SOMETHING to get out into the beautiful winter weather this month.

neck muff


  1. Think I'll have time to whip 3 of these up before the kiddies head to Vail Thursday?????

  2. How fun, I love it! I'll have to make one for the next time I go snowboarding up in Utah. Arizona's a little short on snow at the moment ;)

  3. that just made me warm looking at it!! i don't ski, but we're expecting snow tonight...alot of it!!

  4. Oh, you know how I hate a cold neck!! and how I love fleece! I wish I had time to make me one of those!

  5. Yet another reason I need to learn to sew. This is cute!

  6. and there are so many fabulous fleece prints out there! I would recommend anti-pill fleece. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love it! It looks perfect for me...I hate hats and scarves. I might just do it. Oh, BTW, your title reads, "Neck Wamer." Just so you know. :)

  8. OOOH. I have some fleece in my sewing closet. It may be just the 15 minute project I need on the "snowed in" day.

  9. Your neck warmer is adorable!!!

    If I wore that in southeast Texas, people would think I was getting ready to rob a bank because it just doesn't get that cold here....sigh.

  10. I have one in black and LOVE it! Never thought to make my own ~ DUH!

  11. It is freezing here in Missouri...I definitely need to whip one of these up. Thanks for sharing!

  12. K....just finsihed up all 3! By my calculations I just saved $45! hmmm...does that mean I can spend it at TJMaxx?????

  13. I love how quick and easy this is. And super sporty! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  14. Your blog is a dose of happiness! Thanks for paying me a visit today and liking my red. :)

    I read your profile and got a big smile. I am the mother of 3 grown daughters. My oldest is married and now has 3 sons, ages 7, 4 almost 2. I know she would enjoy reading your blog and sharing stories of 3 boys, but at their young ages, she rarely gets to the computer. Can I give her hope that things get better? I'm clueless with boys!


  15. this is SO FABULOUS. i cannot tell you how many times i've wrapped my scarf around my face, or tried to use my gloves to cover my face when i walk to work, this would be perfect :) thanks for the great idea!

  16. Beautiful? Winter? Weather?

    I don't understand how those three words can be used together in the same sentence.

  17. Thank you for this! Easy! Great gift idea too. I linked to this on my blog.

    Thanks Again,

  18. Oh my goodness..we all can do this one. New material..reuse, recycle old clothes..exciting


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