Sweet Tweets

Do you tweet? I'm not sure why but I do. I have also noticed a direct correlation between the number of tweets in a day and the status of dinner and the cleanliness of my house. But, I digress...

So, since Tweeting is defined as mini-blogging, why not take all the mini's and make them into one random, confusing post that will make you question my sanity?


So, here is a sampling of all the mini-thoughts that cross my mind and seem tweet-worthy:

Just flushed a fish that was mostly dead, but a little bit alive...

I thought it was all the way dead, and once it hit the toilet it began to swim again...but there was no turning back...right?

It's nose was all black and it was covered with tumors, people!

My 7 yr old walked in the house last nt announcing: I'm going to put on my pj's and to see if my fish is still alive!

I just found my ficus tree pot full of Slim Jims...My 7 yr. old said they looked disgusting and was trying to hide them

Maybe I could grow a Slim Jim tree?

My 7 yr old said one of the mom's on American Idol looked like she had 2 sets of boobs. It's hard not to laugh at that one.

@cosmicgirlie A pee or a pea? Because I can tell you where to look for the "pee". hee hee!

Open letter to all, if you close your tweet with "please RT" I will not be RT'ing. Just sayin'.

My 7 yr. old marched in circles around the living room last night pulling his suitcase. "getting used to pulling it thru the airport"

That crazy, bridge jumpin', dollar store dress wearin', country singin' Idol contestant last night had me crying!

I think I've entered an alt reality - hubs downloaded JayZ on his mp3. He is strictly am talk and country music listener. I'm afraid.

Just ate a 12 piece box of Andes Candies from the dollar store for lunch. In the car. In the parking lot outside the dollar store. Sad.

While I was sitting there, saw a truck with "balls" hanging from the hitch in the rear view mirror. Classic.

Hubs walking around the whole upstairs naked, brushing his teeth...why can't I be less inhibited. Wait, why can't he be MORE?

I keep getting erectile disfunction spam in my inbox - but it appears to be in German. Interesting...

Tried to plan a neighborhood goodbye party 4 neighbor - only 2 be told she needs to approve list, she doesn't feel comfortable with neighbors...huh

Why would someone sign my classmates profile 50 times rather than looking me up on facebook? Stalker?

And, I don't usually ReTweet, but this one was worth it:

@FakeAPStylebook RT The word "boner” is not capitalized, regardless of size. (commence immature giggling)

You likey? Well, there is more senseless ramble where that came from:


  1. OMG...I'm alone in the dark on my computer cracking up!!!! Great post and oh so true. I'm amazed at some of the tweets I see every day...do people not think before typing?? Thanks for the laugh ;-)

  2. I keep getting erectile disfunction spam in my inbox ...in english and I am german.

  3. I don't actually twitter, although I have a twitter account. No one is going to bother to follow me and I couldn't get my phone to sync with the website. :D

    Love the comment above me! :D

  4. I twitter...but so not often...But, the fish is hilarious.

  5. Not into the tweetin' thing....FB and blog have takin' over my life.

    Oh and do you have room for another ficus. Apparently mine has decided to commit tree suicide this year or maybe it just wants a new home. Maybe its longing to be back in the Mediterranean where it came from? Lesson learned.

    Maybe I should feed it slim jims?

  6. HA! Life is so funny in little snipits! I have a twitter account, but I've only responded to others tweets. Another time sucker I am trying to avoid ;)

  7. I don't know how, but obviously Wic and I are getting our Erectile Dysfunction email crossed!

    And yes, I recommend the Slim Jim's in the ficus :)

  8. LOL! Wow, you've got some really good ones on there! I might have to actually use my twitter account now, just to see what craziness you're up to ;)

  9. Here's a thought for some interactive fun with your readers. People could list their Twitter accounts and say what their blog is about. Maybe some good Twitter networking!

    I need to be on there more. I know some people that live and die with it. I'm more so the guy that posts about once a month. No where near what I should unfortunately.

    OK, seriously, why did you get rid of the Anonymous/URL comment option. I'm going to get an uprising of your readers and force you to bring it back. LOL.


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