Hope Studios' Saturday Wrap Up

So, I've been playing catch up since we returned from vacation and even managed to get a few orders completed and shipped.

Earlier this week, I went house hunting with a friend and we saw this stool in a little cabin behind the main house. It was a matching set of two!

This crazy little stool won me over right then and there and I told her this was the house for her!

We are off to ski for one final weekend before they close the mountain - so have a great weekend!



  1. That's where my socks went!!!!!!!!

  2. OK, I'm glad you explained it. Thought I had missed some new "art". lol. It was definitely a "what the heck" moment for me.

    Hope you have lotsa fun skiing!

  3. Oh yeah, those would have definitely sold me on the house! Have a great weekend in the snow (*shudder*) sorry, but I'm soooo ready for spring..no..I'm READY for summer!

  4. I LOVE your frames - they are fabulous!


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