Vacation Awards Presentation

Okay, I'm back! I'm exhausted and a little sunburned and happy as can be that we had another magical trip to Disney.

I usually return from my trips with a presentation of awards for the strange/fun/silly moments we experience as a family. So here goes...

Most Excited Yet Patient Airplane Waiter goes to Munchkin!

Boy, this kid just couldn't WAIT to get to Disney. He waited and watched our plane forever before boarding. He was so patient!

Worst Day of Vacation Award goes to Wednesday! This is the day that was low 60's and rainy and one child developed croup and another was barfing in the elevator in a grocery bag. Good times... (Lucky for you, I have no photos demonstrating this).

Most Confusing Moment of Scolding goes to American Idol Experience!

We got a little excited when we heard Ryan Seacrest announcing the beginning of the American Idol show and we couldn't figure out how to enter the labyrinth of chains in the front, so the Big Guy began to lift his foot to step over the chain and this happened:

If only I'd been quicker on the draw with the camera!

A security guard resembling Emmanuel Lewis came from no where and scolded Big Guy then opened the chain with a shake of his head. I'm not sure my hubs ever quite figured out what happened or who was talking to him from down there!

Most Transformative Souvenir Shop Item - Rocker Wig!

I can't explain the actual transformation that takes place once this wig is on your head, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Most Common Activity Men Engage in While Standing in Line - BlackBerry!

The BlackBerry is to men, what the Nintendo DS is to children. It keeps them occupied so they don't whine and complain while waiting for something. I actually had to start sending text messages to have myself heard after awhile. I also threw in some smarty-pants messages about dorks who always check their BlackBerry's...

Best Boy Pool Thrower - Big Guy!

That guy can throw a boy in a pool like nobody's business! Woot!

My creation

And finally, the winner of Favorite Family Portrait is:

Splash Mountain!

Windy Poplars

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  1. yea!! another magical trip!! that's awesome..i ♥ Disney too!
    glad you're back, safe, sound and ready to keep on a bloggin'!

  2. oh, and you are totally spot on right about the blackberry being the grown man's Nintendo DS...i could not agree more!

  3. Welcome back! Glad that you had a yuck-o day on a rain day....really would have been bad if the weather was perfect!

  4. love the photos and the awards..sounds like you had a great time. I'm happy you are home...I missed you ;-(

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing with us. Welcome home :)

  6. Fun recap of your trip. Your family portrait is the best!

  7. I just laughed at your family portrait. Awesome!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic trip - glad you enjoyed yourselves!!

  9. I love your family picture!! The best!

  10. Great awards! I smiled the whole way through this post... until I got to the end. The final picture and I completely LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Hilarious! So glad you're back!

  11. Your BLACKBERRY comment is SPOT ON! Yep, just like the kids with the DS's! What hotel/resort did you stay at? Beautiful pool shots! Love the family shot also. Glad you had fun, except for the rainy day. ugh.

  12. What a great vacation! I really enjoyed the pictures too. Your husband appears to be addicted to his blackberry - common problem among men our age. I applaud him for his dedication to staying connected!

  13. i LOVE the family portrait!!!!!!!!! :)
    Looks like a great vacation!!!!

  14. I always love your vacation awards post!! And how TRUE is that about the men on their blackberrys!!!! I was texting Chip while we were at dinner a few weeks ago to remind him I was there!!!!!!!!

  15. Hi JJ! Thanks for participating in the Kindred Connection this week! I loved your vacation awards post! What a super cute idea... Hope you've had a wonderful Thursday!


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