Saturday Wrap Up

Wow, it's been a H. E. L. L. of a week...

We thought Munchkin broke his foot for about 4 days:

Thank goodness it turned out to be a bad bruise and he is off the crutches. Whew!

The Peacemaker turned 9, which seems impossible. How do these things happen???

We celebrated Easter with my family in New Jersey...

We needed to buy a new car with one day's notice as we learned my old car wasn't safe to drive all the way to New Jersey. (I don't like this sort of thing sprung on me. I like to plan, choose, save money before buying a car!)

And you could tell it was springtime at Hope Studios, The Shop. Check out the Easter egg colors that were ordered this week!

And check out this Family Tree I painted for a couple and their family of "furbabies"!

But, now the week from you-know-where is over...I have a babysitter coming soon so I can go on a date with The Big Guy, I've completed all my orders for the week, and the house is pretty clean...

Oh, yeah, there are 15 yards of mulch in the driveway. Crap. Onto a new week.



  1. Wow! That IS quite the week! Glad the foot is not broken...poor pumpkin! I'm with you on the yards of mulch...who that that was a good idea? I'm considering lugging 47 wheelbarrels-full of mulch around the yard my exercize for the week!

  2. Wow---i hope you're date involves a bit of "big people pop" :)

    Your week sounds incredibly similar to ours...well, we didn't drive to Jersey, or paint lots of orders (fab by the way!!!). We're heading up today to Madison for a goodbye party for one of my oldest friends...no kids...farmers...plenty of beer (and maybe brandy slush!!)!

    So glad munchkin didn't break his foot---praying for a quick recovery! When our oldest turned 9, I kept calling him 8...mentally I couldn't except having a 9 year old!!! Now he'll be 10 in a month :/ big people pop I tell ya, lots and lots of big people pop!

  3. Ha! I need to wake up!!! I'm sure that there will be farmers there, but the exciting thing is the farmers MARKET! Dane county's is awesome if you're ever in cheese territory!

  4. Glad the little one's foot isn't broken. Here's hoping next week is a little easier than the last one, mulch and all!

  5. Hi Jennifer! I wanted to stop by and quickly say thank you for highlighting my wax collage! That just simply made my day! I'm glad your son is doing better and Happy Birthday to the Peacemaker! The family tree is wonderful, I'm sure they will love it... Theresa

  6. Sounds like my week...without the broken foot scare. YUCK!

    Enjoy your date night! My mom is coming over today so we can do the same thing. Now I just need to figure out where we're going to go. decisions. Decisions.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Except for the car trouble and the foot, sounds like a good week. Hopefully, you are loving your new car. :)

    I LOVE the family tree!!! That is gorgeous. :)

  8. Oh goooodness! What a week is right! Glad your baby is okay-and nine(Happy Birthday Kiddo). I'm totally feeling ya on the car. Sucks Boooogies! The family tree is beautiful! Hopes for a much better weekend:) xoxo

  9. oh yeah, they grow up WAY too fast. wait til they're teens - heh heh. just did the car thing last year. bleh.

  10. This sounds about as busy as my upcoming week.

  11. We have had a crazy week also, with everyone hurt or being sick! Hope your little guy gets well soon!

  12. 15 yards--Oh man that is a lot of work. I hope you enjoy date night tonight.

  13. Wow what a week!

    I love the family tree. So beautiful!

  14. Have a wonderful date night! You deserve it after your difficult week! And thanks for reminding me that we need to get mulch in our driveway REAL soon. Ugh.

  15. Mulch....my back hurts already.....;-(

  16. Dang girl, that IS some week! Enjoy the new car smell while it lasts, Feel better Munchkin, Happy birthday Peacemaker, Hope you had a FABULOUS night out with your hubby, and clean homes are over rated. ☺! I've got nothing for you about the mulch... that just sucks! Ha! Hope next week is well, sort of uneventful!

  17. busy, busy! but i got you beat on the mulch front :) 25 bags that were delivered 3 wks ago. and my hubby is out of town the next 3 weekends! looks like i'll be looking at those bags a while :)


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