Tiger ? Feedback Friday

This new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods debuted this week. Tiger appears to be listening to his late father asking him to consider the lessons learned over the past few months.

Thoughts, comments, reactions?

It's Feedback Friday!



  1. Wow, strange but touching. They said after his dad passed he started to have the affairs. Who knows the truth but, a child should never have to loose a parent..its would be so hard. I hope Tiger figures some things out! ~lulu

  2. I'm up way to late if I'm the first one posting on this...your video says it was "removed by the author"..but I watched it elsewhere. So here is my opinion...'cause you know, you asked for it:)

    I don't think the commercial is good in anyway...BUT...I wish that people would just leave the situation alone...I know that he is a "public" person...but that doesn't give any of us the right to have to know any of the details of his life or what he may or may not have done...he's just a golfer...let him fix his life and move on. I can speak from personal experience that situations like this are only made worse when people outside the situation talk about it and feel the need to know...the other day on the Today show, some lady was all upset because Tiger didn't answer the "tough" questions and tell everyone what really happened...I just don't think it is any of our business. If you are a concerned parent, that doesn't want your kid to look up to some sports figure who has made mistakes then be a parent and talk to your kids about right and wrong...sorry...I will step down now...didn't realize I had so much energy about the press that is still all over this whole thing...can't we just watch him golf?

    I'm just sayin' :) Happy Friday:)

  3. Well shucks, looks like the video has gone bye bye. I'm assuming that the comments are meaningful. I'm going with mama thompson. the press needs to focus on more important issues.

  4. there is so much more going on in the world than one man's marital affairs. It's sad that our media, created by the constitution to be the citizen's eyes and ears in government, turns their attention instead to these kinds of matters instead.

  5. The commercial...well, it doesn't bother me. I like new ideas and this certainly is something new. The hubby thinks its just plain weird.

    On this Tiger affair media overload....
    I also agree with Mama Thompson. It's just so sad that we as a society sometimes thrive on the worst situations. We just can't seem to get enough of it. We have to know more of the gritty details. Do I think what he did was at all right? NO WAY! However, I think that we should all try to be satisfied with the details that are already known and let this family try to move on.

  6. Hmmm...I'm kind of up in the air on this one. When I first saw them talking about it yesterday, it felt a bit off...using a recording of your dead father on a commercial. But, that was pretty open...I mean its not a sugar coated "hang in there Son, you can do it"...it was "what were you thinking and I hope you learned something from it all". Tiger really put himself out there on that one, in a sense it was like getting chided by your Dad on national tv. As far as public this and that, he kind of brought this all on himself with all the drama and mini news conferences. He could have dealt with it privately at home, but he didn't. I feel bad for his wife and kiddos(?), but not so much for him.

  7. AND I agree that there are much more important things the media should focus on then Tiger Woods! It seriously was on every channel on late night!

  8. Funny, I just heard this commercial on the live streaming of my favorite radio station in NY LOL.Honestly, I think the whole Tiger Wood thing is being overly blown, there are other problems largely needs to be addressed instead of him.

    Anyway, Happy SITS Friday :)

  9. Can we say "overexposed"? I think it's lame that Nike is trying to capitalize on Tiger's poor choices. I think he should have stayed low for awhile.

  10. It's a little too creepy for my taste. It just seems so out of place and awkward.

    Why further prod the issue? We all know what he did, he's got to be ashamed, why draw more attention to it?

    I think his father's voice just contradicts any positivity seeing as he was a cheater himself. It's like Anna Nicole Smith "talking" to Lindsey Lohan in a commercial about her life choices. (Bad analogy, I know, but kinda, sorta.)

    Just strange! Happy Friday :)

  11. It's too soon, in my opinion. The media and professional golf have a hugely vested interest in Tiger making a big comeback. He makes big money for them...not to mention for himself.

    It seems ridiculously forced to me.

  12. Just another rich celebrity couldn't keep it in his pants and now after getting caught he's getting help for his "addiction". What addiction?

    I don't think him and others like him deserve our attention.

  13. My feelings on this subject are...it is none of our business what goes on in the private lives of celebrities....period. Just because he is the greatest golfer of all time does not mean we can sit back and judge and scrutinize him, his actions, his wife, his marriage...What he did was beyond horrendous, but it does not affect me in the least. His life, his wife, his marriage...

    I hope they work it out in a way that is best for them....

    The commercial....eerie but I do like it.

    Lou Cinda:)

  14. I thought it was creepy and I hated his expression. I am not surprised Nike would want him back in an ad. It just goes to show you that in this media world we live in, there will always be money hungry people and Nike still knows they can sell a lot of product by using him. I am so tired of celebrities who can't keep it in their pants and then get just as much publicity as before.

    I pray that the kids who believe him to be their role model get a good talking to about right and wrong and truly him doing this doesn't matter to people. He is still Tiger Woods and I hear from most men, that the only thing that bothered them was that he got caught!

    I hope his wife never takes him back, I hope she gets tested and I pretty much think he is a douche bag!

    Whew, I'm done!

  15. I do think Tiger is kind of a douchebag, but frankly, I don't give a crap about him or his personal life. I feel sorry for his wife for having to deal with all of that publicly, but I couldn't give a crap about Tiger or his apologies or his life in general.


    Just go golf and shut your pie hole.

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  17. I find the commercial self-serving and creepy. Deceit is ugly.

    As for the "none of my business" and "it doesn't affect me" comments, I disagree. When infidelity is so high profile, so well known and decadent, it hurts marriage. How many spouses can rationalize their actions based on the public dalliances of people like Tiger and Jesse James? And Tiger didn't just cheat on his wife, he cheated on the public. Others don't ask to be role models but Tiger built an empire promoting himself that way. IMO, that makes him even more despicable.

    I would go on about how ridiculous it is for gay marriage to be illegal to save the "sanctity of marriage" while clowns like Tiger and Jesse James commit such abuse in their families - but that's a whole other story.....

  18. AND thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. :-)

  19. One: It's creepy!

    Two: We should not be allowing Tiget to capitalize on his "indiscretions".

    Three: It's creepy!

  20. I'm disappointed Tiger agreed to this commerical. He said his sorrys and now needs to move on....quit talking about it already! Don't exploit your father and his words around this issue. It's a little creepy and again, i think Tiger made a bad judgment(again) with this one!

  21. Just another rich celebrity couldn't keep it in his pants and now after getting caught he's getting help for his "addiction". What addiction?
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  22. I couldn't care less about the video one way or the other. It did what it was supposed to do. It got people talking & that's all that matters to the advertisers. (((HUGS)))

  23. I guess I am a cynic. I find the ad interesting but in poor taste. Nike is just trying to put the best possible spin on a bad situation and the fact that we are all discussing the ad should prove that it is working. Nike is definitely getting a lot of press off of this. I guess I was never a big Tiger supporter. I like to root for the underdog and he has just been on the top for so long. I am disappointed in Nike's stand on this and I will probably be buying Adidas next time.


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