How to Make a Moss Terrarium

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This tutorial is an oldie but goodie from my archives. In fact, it's still one of the most searched items in my blog! It's the perfect time of the year to begin this project as things begin to green up out there. Grab the kids and some hiking shoes and let's get started...

I started with a medium sized cookie jar that I found at Target, but any decorative glass container with a lid will work. I removed the rubber gasket so my little plants could get a bit of air. We used pint-sized wide mouth jars for the kids' projects.

Begin by layering gravel into the bottom of the container, we chose "pretty" gravel from the craft store. Layer the largest stones first and graduate to the finest gravel, this will keep the soil on top and not let it filter down into the stones.

Now, take a walk in the lovely forest nearest you and gather moss and small plants to use inside your jar. I chose a mixture of mosses, tiny ferns, and clusters of clovers.

Fill the jar 2/3's full of potting soil (don't use soil from the walk, it might have little buggies in it!) and arrange your plants. Take care to bury the roots into the soil. (Think about adding cool accents like a tiny gnome or little creature statues you pick up at the dollar store)

Water with a spray bottle and replace lid. Keep your little terrarium in indirect light and spray with water once condensation disappears from the inside of the jar. Too much condensation may mean you have over watered - in that case, leave the lid off the terrarium for a few hours to let the excess moisture evaporate.

Come on man, this is cool! A little springtime right in your home!

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  1. It's kinda relaxing just to look at that!

  2. Another great way to bring the outside in!

  3. I like it! Fresh and fun...would be a neat centerpiece. :)

  4. I love the photos! :) Sam would enjoy making this, too.

  5. oooh, pretty! I like that it seems pretty easy to keep alive!

  6. I love terrariums! Thanks for posting your take on this.

  7. What a great Do It Yourself project. You are a clever and creative gal.

    I just completed a project that took 23 years. Come take a peek.

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