Tutorial Tuesday with The Empty Nest

It's time for Tutorial Tuesday! The place for you to link up to "Teach Me Stuff", and in return I will scout out a great prize for one lucky winner. Who will it be this week?

Janet, from The Empty Nest not only creates beautiful couture aprons like Funny Face:

Or The Girl Back Home:

(Can you tell I'm a bit taken with these aprons? The story behind each one and her uncanny ability to combine fabrics always amazes me. They really are works of art!)

But, Janet is also a budding artist and she would like to offer her print of New England Morning to one lucky winner this week. Her attention to detail down to roses on the trellis and sheep in the fields makes this a great piece for your spring/summer decor.

Want to win?

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Comment below and tell me about your favorite The Empty Nest design. Easy peasy, right?

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  1. I adore both those aprons, they are beautiful! Thanks for hosting the party.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting each week Jennifer you're awesome!!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!

  3. Well the print is gorgeous--such unique and incredible detail, and I love the aprons, as well -- particularly the "funny face". This lady had some talent, doesn't she? Thank you for sharing her talent on your blog. I'm linking up a project made of a tons of modge podge. It's my Memory Box to Remember and it's actually in the top 10 finalists of the DIY Club. The tutorial is very detailed so that anyone could make this. I believe that each time I link I tell you the same thing -- I LOVE TUTORIALS!

  4. Her Snowy Village print makes me happy!

  5. I originally posted this comment under the wrong post, that's why it will show that I deleted the comment. Anyway, I just added another tutorial to my blog and since it's still Tuesday, I thought I would pass it along -- particularly since it makes a great grad present!

  6. Barefoot in the Park or Funnyface are my favorites. Such lovely work. :) Great giveaway!!

    Thanks for the visit today!

  7. Citron et Lacet :
    This the blog I love Janet did on The Empty Nest it was pretty I bought it asap when she listed it on her shop on ETSY. I love all her post she is so intresting. Well Janet is one of my dearest friends.

  8. Okay, those aprons, LOVE them!!
    The set of 5 girlfriend kitchen aprons is my fav b/c I actually do use aprons all the time! I am a messy cook, and whenever my daughter bakes/cooks with me, we are sure to wear the cutest aprons we can find!
    Thanks for hosting, I love coming to this place!

  9. What a fun giveaway! My favorite item from The Empty Nest might very well be the original of New England Morning, because it's so cheerful and lovely. I also love the Passion for Pink market tote though. Her entire shop is just adorable!



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