The County Fair

No matter what technological advances are made, no matter what new video games they buy, no matter what TV show is their current obsession, the County Fair will remain untouched. A rare, unplugged version of life.

A strangely comforting scent of cow poop mixed with funnel cakes, a bleating calf heard over the soundtrack of the dunking booth chatter, magical lights twinkling over a family of carnies on a cigarette break. It is a truly rural experience, an eye opening snippet of the world amidst diesel, candy apples, and Ferris Wheels.

Try to imagine the soundtrack...a generator hums..."Play til you win! Who wants a chance to win?"..."If you want to go faster, scrrreeeeaaammmm" Popping corn, the roar of a chainsaw, a calliope tune, "Dunk me if you can! Looking for a pitcher!" "Riders, canter please. Turn your horse."...

Can you hear it? Okay, you're ready.

Where else can you soar in the sky

Pet a soft-nosed mare

Watch a lamb nap

Behold the wonder of hatching chick in an old TV cabinet turned incubator

Observe a newborn nursing calf

Or wow grown ups with 12 pull ups?

Lest you think the County Fair is all unicorns and rainbows, some other things will remain unchanged...

You will always see too short shorts

And pet children on a leash

And smashing cars

And finally, I have one more visual for you. I wasn't able to pull out my camera fast enough, and to be honest I was afraid of getting beat up if I did. Imagine a tank top clad D-cup making her way up the bleachers during the demo derby with a hard pack of Marlboro's tucked between her breasts. It was, hands down, the single greatest thing I saw all night! Ha!

Thanks for joining us on our trip to the County Fair!



  1. omg i LOVE the fair...ours will be here in a week! people watching is my all time favorite thing to do...besides eating fair food! lol

  2. Love, love, love the county fair! Great photos!

  3. awesome post. I love going to the fair. this year I'll probably attend three county fairs & if the stars align, may make it to the state fair. Isn't it the most entertaining place on earth?? DH puts up with me & tags along. Secretly, I think he gets a chuckle out of the participants, too.

  4. Too funny. I'll match your pack of cigs with a very visible tattoo of her significant other across her breast. Classy.

  5. Fairs are great!!! They're like freak magnets...it could have gone either way with the pic, maybe she would have posed...or..shived ya right on the spot!

  6. Well, since I am a little lacking in the "cup" department I think I am actually jealous of someone being able to hold something in between them!!
    Gotta love the fairs for some old people watching. Oh and explaining to your three kids that even though they are looking at me and asking their loud embarrissing questions, the people they are talking about can still HEAR them!!

  7. I adore County Fairs!!!! My hometown fair 'Dutchess County Fair' in Rhinebeck, NY is 168 years old and a truly fabulous place for great food, shows, rides and livestock. So many great memories. I don't get back as often as I like and really feel I've missed out when I cannot go.

    Good thing you nixed the camera idea...she probably could have pounded you ;-)

    OMG...what if she reads this blog! Be afraid Jenn...be very afraid ;-)

  8. Jennifer you crack me up! Your observations are soooo vivid I can visualize them!

  9. You may not have a photograph, but you painted the perfect word picture of the last image! Wow! In fact, thanks the that word picture I think that image will be forever etched on my mind! ;)

  10. Fantastic photos...oh how I love the county fairs as well...can't wait till ours start up here in a couple of months!

  11. LOVE the swing photos. And I'll admit when I saw those short shorts I thought maybe it was you and thought "Oh dear..." (Wow, I AM turning into my mother.) LOL

  12. Oh my word, Jennifer! This made my afternoon. Hilarious!! I felt the same way about the amusement park on Tuesday. That one child on the leash was WAY too old. Ridiculous.

  13. You just gave me a new appreciation for something I tend to take for granted.

  14. I {heart} the county fair! Our whole town shuts down for this event. *Dislike shorty shorts! LOL

  15. We love county fairs! And half the fun is the people watching!

  16. These photos are great!! You really captured the concept of a county fair in this post. You took me there for a moment, yet I am not $50 poorer than before and I don't have terrible heartburn. Score!

  17. YOU ARE A TOTAL HOOT!!!!!! Thanks so much.....you totally "transported" me there....pack of Marlboros and all!! :)

  18. What a fun fair. I haven't been to one in years. We don't have them around my neck of the woods.

  19. Your fair pics are always so great!

    And oh my gosh.... check out those dukes ~ daisy dukes that is.... YIKES!!!!!!!! People watching at the fair is HILARIOUS! And maybe it's a good thing you couldn't get your camera out fast enought, you maybe would have gotten klocked...... she sound like quite the lady ;)


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