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Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday - If you are new here, this party is to showcase your weekly tutorials. What counts as a tutorial? Anything to "teach me stuff" counts - a recipe, a kid's craft, a DIY project, how you got your baby to sleep through the night ... I'm not picky.

Scroll down to see my weekly tutorial: How to Welcome Your New Neighbors

Please... (this is the part at the end of the commercial when the announcer talks real fast)

* Link up using the link to your actual post (not your general blog address) using your name and a the subject of your tutorial to generate interest.

* Add my button or a clickable link back to this post so everyone can join in.

* Visit and comment with all our friends. Show them some love! Meet some new friends! Learn something new!

Ready? Teach Me Stuff!

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  1. You're such a nice neighbor. What a great gift. Thanks for hosting again.

  2. Thanks for hosting! I was so ready to add my granola recipe and fouled up when it asked for "name". shoot. Ten o'clock at night, 30 full minutes past my bedtime. brain has officially shut down. I yell, "oh dang! it means what's the name of your TOPIC!" Oh well. :)

    have a great day, Jen!

  3. My Tuesday Tut. will get better I promise:) haha...thanks love!

  4. I'm loving the face drawing tute!


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