Why Don't You...Keep Your Sheets Tidy?

We learned how to fold a fitted sheet this spring. Whew. Now that my sheets are all neatly folded, I noticed the pillowcases often get separated from the sheet set. Sometimes, they slide around in the linen closet and fall down in the cracks and I have to search.

So, why not use one of the pillowcases to store the set? They will stay neat and tidy and all in one spot until you are ready to use them. This is also a great way to transport sheet sets on vacation.

Ta da!

See? A little sheet-set pouch!

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  1. You know what's funny? I totally got onto my mom (in a joking way of course) for never teaching me how to fold a fitted sheet. I was all, I had to learn from a blog friend, for cripes sake! We still laugh about that today. :)

  2. Seriously, this is one of those ideas where I want to smack myself in the forehead for not thinking of it myself. Duh! Pillowcase to keep the sheets together neatly. Genius!!! :)

  3. I've been doing this for years. It really helps.

  4. That is seriously one of the greatest tips I've ever seen! Thank you!

  5. Geez Louise I never thought of that. Brilliant idea!

  6. Heck, I don't even fold my sheets...just shove them in the pillowcase. I don't care if they're wrinkled. No one but me sees them anyway.

  7. I've done that forever! It's great to just grab the pillowcase with everything nice and clean inside.


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