It's 7 O'clock - Let's Shop!

I just got the funkiest journal and I have to show it to you! It's called the RevolveR Journal and is like a journal with a hidden compartment - it unfolds from inside and flips out to reveal a secret, hidden journal! If they have journals at Hogwarts, I would imagine them to be like this. One section of the journal is lined, for lists and such and the other is unlined for sketches and doodles.

It is beyond description - here, you just have to watch it to understand how it works (my kids now think I'm a magician!):

I like to use mine as an entertaining journal. I use the lined side to write out the guest lists and the recipes and the unlined side to sketch out ideas for centerpieces or table layouts. Also, I totally have a section in the interior hidden part of the journal for my kids Christmas lists! Shhh...

But the sky is the limit...poetry on one side, sketches on the other? How about a remodeling journal - budget and lists on one side and room layouts and swatches on the other?

This cool journal with "two beginnings and no ending" was invented on a summer evening in a log cabin in the Catskill Mountains by husband and wife book-production and design team, Ellen and Matt Dudley. Doesn't that sound like romantic beginnings for an invention? Man, I love stories like that!

I chose the red/black combo but I also love the silver, blue, and leaf green colors. Maybe I'll get them all?

What would you use your RevolveR Journal for?



  1. I guess I would just use it to journal in...I know, boring, lol. It is very cool though.

  2. :( I just went to try and buy one (was so excited when i first saw it but didn't have time til now to buy) BUT it only ships to the US... which I only found out at the last stage. Major disappointment! Thanks all the same :)


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