Halloween Costume Ideas!

My kids begin to plan for Halloween about one week after the last Halloween. We have gone through many ideas, but these are the ones we've stuck with for this year.

My oldest son wanted to be something unexpected and tongue-in-cheek, so he chose Lady Gaga in a meat dress...of course. I searched high and low for fabric resembling meat and finally settled on an irregular red stripe (I believe it was supposed to be wood grain) at JoAnn's.

I referenced this photo:

and made this dress out of a series of jagged triangles that I sewed together haphazardly:

24 hours before this weekend's costume contest, he suddenly felt uncomfortable wearing a dress yet still wanted to be GaGa. It's time for Walmart, doggy toys and some imagination:

We hot-glued various meaty squeak toys (steaks, chicken legs, ribs) onto a clearance t-shirt, added the GaGa glasses, and a wig and he was good to go. I actually think what we ended up with was more ridiculous and more GaGa!

My youngest son was torn this year..."Do I want to be scary or something I love?" He really loves donuts. Really. In fact, he wrote me a whole Mother's Day card this year all about how much he loves donuts. I'm jealous of donuts now.

We decided to combine the two and make him a "Krispy Skreme" zombie with a big moldy donut:

There are many great tutorials for making felt donuts if you google them. But here is what I did: I cut out the round shape from tan felt, and another of brown felt (for the chocolate). Then I cut out the middles. I cut the chocolate more wavy, like icing, then sewed it to one of the donut rounds with my machine.

Then, I put right sides together and sewed around the outside edge of the donut, then turned right side out.

Next, I whip stitched the inside of the donut hole, leaving a 6 inch space un-sewn so I could fill the donut with quilt batting.

After I stuffed the donut I sewed the opening closed by hand.

We hot glued on patches of faux fur that we spray panted green and gray for mold, then added several bugs and rats to make it look really disgusting.

We got a hat from Krispy Kreme and rubbed paint on it and changed the name to "Krispy Skreme" using Magneto font on the computer and glued the new name over the old. We hot glued on several bugs and creepy crawlies.

The t-shirt used the same paper logo I printed out on the computer and sewed onto the shirt using a zigzag stitch. It's temporary and I can use the shirt again!

Thank goodness my middle son wanted to buy a costume this year...

You are going to die when you see my costume this year...it's a surprise though. I can't show you until AFTER Halloween!



  1. You are a genius! I love the donut costume. Can't wait to see the costume you made for yourself.

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  3. It just hasn't been said enough...you are truly the BEST.MOM.EVVVVVVVER!!!

  4. cute costumes. can't wait to see your's. i am going as a 50something woman....EEEEKKKK!!!!

  5. Ha I love it...we really get into Halloween too...

  6. These are such cute ideas! You're creative!

  7. Hilarious! {And cute too! But your boys probably don't want to hear "cute"} Very creative ideas! Totally diggin' on the Lady Gaga costume. Can't wait to see yours!

  8. What a fun Mom you are..you remind me of ME!!!!
    Janet xox

  9. I can't wait to see your outfit! The ones you made for the boys are incredible! Too bad he wouldn't shimmy into that Gaga dress tho - you did a fab job!

  10. You WON!!! I LOVED the scarf link that you placed on my holiday gift link party! You can select any 2 iron ons from my etsy shop!!!

  11. Those are all so awesome! That pattern on the dress is pretty perfect too. You need to find someone to wear it!

  12. Boys are so gross. :) I love the "meat" costume. I think that is way better than the dress because it is so much more tongue in cheek.

  13. ha! krispy screams....love it!!!!

  14. Oh my gosh Jen these costumes are Hilarous!!! Can't wait to see yours! My kids were boring this year and went with store bought vampire costumes....

  15. I laughed out loud at the Krispie Skreme. VERY NICE!

  16. Oh GEEZ! That last one literally made me jump!

  17. That lady gaga bit is HI.LARIOUS! LOVE IT!!

  18. Love Love Love the Gaga! You're right - the meat dress looked great but what he ended up with is so much more 'out there'.

  19. I love the cute and creative takes on your Halloween costumes. I really think that you've given us a *great tip* in taking a seemingly innocuous motif and making it creepy (much better than the female version of taking any motif and making it sexy!).

    Love the doughnut!


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