Take a Hike!

No, seriously...

We love to get out into nature with the boys. They always notice things I would never see, or interpret things in a way I wouldn't. I decided to view this hike in Laurel Hill State Park through their eyes.

Come join us as we hike Hemlock Trail. I thought we were exploring an ancient stand of Eastern Hemlocks - boy, was I wrong!

We immediately stumbled upon a squirrel family's dining table. We think we interrupted their meal since it appeared to be abandoned in haste:

Then we found a little stone house! Did this belong to the squirrel family or a family of gnomes?

Lest you think we ignored the ancient hemlocks altogether, we did take a moment to marvel at the girth of this trunk. Can you see three boys trying to reach all the way around?

The life within a mountain stream is mesmerizing from this perspective.

The boys spent a long time crossing this stream to reach this puzzling construction. Was it built by natives? Is it some sort of fishing contraption?

What do you make of this growth of roots?

Oh, clearly it is a seat for a child, silly!

Try it - head out for a hike (even in the backyard) this weekend and pay attention to what the kids see!



  1. I walk into my woods (Whitney State Forest) every morning and really love the solitude and the sounds of little creatures and rustling leaves. It's a magical place...people don't walk in the woods enough.

    Janet xox

  2. How fun! I wish we had something like that here as my son would love it.

  3. I miss having mountains around to hike in. I love the many things kids discover on hikes and the excitement is always contagious!!

  4. I too love to hike. My kids never want to go with me though. On the few ocassions that I've managed to drag them out, they have always enjoyed it.

    You are making great memories with your boys.

  5. How fun, we love a good hike, but sadly we were so busy this summer we didn't take a single one. Hopefully our family can make up for it with plenty next year!

  6. Always love the photos you capture of the guys!

  7. Looks SO peaceful and SERENE! LOVE THOSE ROOTS!

  8. We love hiking too! We're going to find some trails 'round our new parts next weekend.

    We've been blessed to have lived in some really beautiful areas (Colorado and NW Arkansas) and we are even managing to find some hidden gems of hiking and outdoor adventures in our new state of minnesota!

  9. Love the new perspective!!! I think that tee-pee thingy must be a panning for gold contraption :) Let me know if you find any, M'kay?

  10. Neat pictures! It's been a long time since I've been out in the woods. You forget how many cool things are out there. :)


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