Tassel Necklace

I found a "Tassel Necklace" in one of my catalogs that I lusted after for weeks. I ripped out the page and didn't note the catalog...bummer. I did remember that the listed price was $120 ... A little rich for my blood.

I carried my ripped out page to my Soul Sisters Weekend along with a container of various beads and we set to work.

Now we can show you how to make your own:

Tassel Necklace

Assorted beads
Eye Pins
Jewelry cord

We began with a cord about 31 inches long. Set aside and assemble your eye pins.

Attach a charm to the bottom "eye" and stack beads onto the pin.

I wanted the "boho" look, so I choose many random colors, sizes, and shapes. I tried hard not to coordinate. I ended about 1/4 inch from the end of the pin, ending with the smallest bead. (Ending with a smaller bead on top will allow your tassel to hang straight down.) Using needle nosed pliers, I curled the end of the pin into a loop.

Repeat five times.

Now, thread your 5 eye pins onto your cord. You can either attach them directly onto the cord, or attach a jump ring first.

Fold your cord in half and tie a knot 2 inches up to create a loop:

I wanted to make this necklace an adjustable length, so I tied the ends into a slide knot. Take the end of each cord and tie a simple knot around the opposite end. Now you can slide the knots to make the necklace longer or shorter:

This gentleman on You Tube explains it nicely (I should have tricked you and told you this was my voice, hee hee):

Here are all the Soul Sisters' Tassel Necklaces:

Here is my casual necklace, but imagine the way it would sparkle using crystals and a silver chain!

tassel necklace

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  1. These are great Jennifer! Wonderful Christmas gift idea.

  2. these are so fun!! hmmm...i think this is a contender for a teacher gift this year!!

  3. Oooh you are speaking my language, girlfriend! Jewelry making is one of my favorite crafts in the WORLD because you end up with a new piece of jewelry each time. It's great! These turned out lovely too. Nice work, sisters! :-)

  4. I loooooooove my tassle necklace!! I've worn it almost everyday since we got home from our Soul Sisters weekend! Thanks again, Miss!

  5. I love this tutorial! I was super excited to see I already have everything I need for it too. I've featured your tutorial on my, fairly new, crafts tutorial blog: http://ohthatscrafty.blogspot.com/2010/11/make-tassel-necklace.html

    Thanks so much for having such an awesome blog!

  6. I love this!! Perfect timing too as one of my favorite necklaces just broke ~ great way to reuse my favorite beads :)


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