Oh, Christmas Tree!

The Big Guy and I have braved the frozen tundra to cut down our Christmas tree ever since our first Christmas together 18 long years ago...sigh...memories...

We have continued that tradition every year and this year was no different. We headed out to Lake Forest Gardens for our annual tree hunt last weekend.

The day always begins with a chilly hay ride out to the fields. All aboard!

Then the hunt is on for the perfect tree. Coincidentally, the perfect tree is usually situated in the furthest point from the hay ride pick up spot...

There she is! Isn't she perfect? Let's get a picture, boys!

Time to cut...TIMBER!

Do you cut down a real tree for Christmas?

(Thrifty Decor Chick is having a Christmas Tree Linky Party if you can't get enough)

Click on over to see Tutorial Tuesday - it's still rockin'!


  1. that's so awesome! I wish I had the manpower, car and space to put a freshly cut tree. The video is so cute especially with the little one trying to carry the tree by himself.

  2. wow, our families are the same - living in a parallel universe! Except yours has snow....we end our tree excursion with a trip to eat BBQ. The restaurant's lot os full of trucks and vans with trees strapped on them, so it must be a holiday tradition for many other families, as well (:

  3. I WISH we did! There's no one close to cut one down ourselves though. :(

  4. I love it! You know I loooooove cutting down my own tree. That's not a tradition I grew up with, but one I've started since I met my husband. I can't wait to do it with my baby boy!

  5. We don't really live near a place to cut our own tree, but I will live through you! Love the hats on the kids!

  6. My dad used to take us out to cut one down, but I just send T to Lowe's to buy a real one from the lot each year b/c he's never home and would complain about having to go cut one down. Yours is beautiful--so tall!

  7. At least the boys are all smiling. That's always a good sign. My crew would have been pouting and complaining about something, no doubt.

  8. What a great tradition !!
    Very nice idea !!

    Best wishes for the coming year !!

    Roberta - La Sportina


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