Why Don't You...Use Tape To Clean Between Computer Keys!

You know all the cookie crumbs dust between the keys of your computer keyboard? Kind of hard to get out of there...

Use tape to pull all that stuff out of the crevices!

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  2. Looking for some tape right now!!

    Thanks for a great tip.

    Janet xox

  3. Thank you! I used to just flip it over and shake it, but with a lap top now, it's a little more difficult! I'll give this a try!

  4. Or you could use this stuff: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/b88d/

  5. I would love a video of how you got this to work.

  6. GREAT tip!! I have a Sony laptop, and the keys are very very close together. I bet there's all sorts of junk in there. ;)

  7. Jennifer, you got me took down at the keyboard. :)

  8. I use Cyber Clean. It works really well at getting small debris and stickiness from in between and under the keys on my keyboard. It is also really fun to use since it is like that gloop or glob stuff they had when I was a kid and it smells like lemons. I usually buy it at The Container Store, in fact it is on sale right now. A tub usually lasts about a year, depending on how much I clean our 3 keyboards.


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