Get Low ....

Okay, I have the perfect solution for keeping your monkeys kids off the counters. A solution I would have thought of 12 years ago if I was a good mother who really sat down and THOUGHT about why they are climbing on the counters! They were climbing on the counters because THEY WERE TOO SHORT TO REACH THE SHELF WHERE I KEPT THEIR CUPS AND BOWLS!

So, I switched the Tupperware and the kids dishes. Boy, sometimes you just have to hit me over the head with things like this...

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  1. I bet you were so proud of yourself when that light bulb went on


    Janet xox

  2. I would do this, however, the way my lazy susan's were made (and it drives me crazy) they are open in the back. Therefore, I have to be careful myself, not to 'drop' things in the abyss where you will never be able to retrieve them.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  3. That's a fabulous idea. I may have to do this. Thanks for the tip.

    Hope people head over to Hines-Sight today to read more about you.

    So talented, Jennifer! Oh, and by the way, I cannot get the song Jennifer Juniper out of my head.

  4. Hilarious - I just did the EXACT same thing and my kids are 12, 10 and 8. Duh - you think I would have figured this out sooner instead of yelling at the kids to get off the counter! :) So funny we're in the same boat.

  5. This idea is good for people in wheelchairs too.


    When our kiddos were young, we flipped the refrigerator shelves too. Beverages went to the lowest shelf. We filled small non-breakable pitchers so they could help themselves to a drink. (Of course that was long before the door dispensors).

  7. I did that a while ago with cups. I was so tired of always having to get my kids a cup for water. I thought, "duh, put them where they can reach!" Brilliant!!!

  8. Isn't it so great to have the kids off the counter? I have a deep drawer that holds the kids cup, plates, bowls, and utensils. I'm hosting We're Organized Wednesday through Saturday and would love for you to join the party.

  9. Good choice!

    Thirty-*cough* years ago I was climbing on the counters to reach whatever it was...and seared my forearm on a (thankfully almost-cool) electric stove burner.

    You know, those round coils, if you hit it with only half your forearm, make crescent-shaped scars, too.

    Wasn't pretty. But, wasn't horrible. (It could have been...)

    So, fantastic idea "Getting Down with Your Kids!"

  10. Well, aren't you a smarty pants?? ;) That's a great idea. I keep ours in a little pull out thingie in a bottom cabinet, but I have to keep the childproof lock on it b/c the younger one pulls stuff out to play and I get tired of washing the same 4 sippy cups 16 times a day. ;)

  11. I used to like climbing on the counters when I was little, but I suppose my mom didn't care for it!

    I'll pat my self on the back and tell you that I've been storing the plastic cups, bowls and plates in a lower cabinet for years! Deep drawers are the best for that stuff! Sadly, my kids are big enough to reach the upper cabinets now...

  12. Isn't it funny how the simplest ideas are often the hardest to come up with!!! :)


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