More Anthropologie! Book Decor

Before I get to the cool book decor at Anthropologie, I wanted to comparison shop a bit. "French potting sink" at Anthropologie: $15,000

Industrial Kitchen Sink at Construction Junction (my local reuse center): $350

Crazy, huh?


I loved the impact this cool ceiling-hung sculpture made when we walked in the door!

When I looked closer I realized it was made from books! The covers were torn off and the pages were bent in half in sections and wire was strung up through the centers. So cool.

Another large sculptural wall piece:

Book pages folded and layered into rosettes, with a nail driven through the centers! A bit of paint and ink on the edges give them a little more dimension:



  1. would hate to be the one to have to dust all that!

    I want that $35.00 sink in my kitchen!!

    janet xox

  2. Seeing the comparison of those sinks makes me want to drive right over to the restore to check ours out. ;)

  3. I am so not, above nailing book pages to my wall...I love books and turning them into art, just frosting on the cupcake! Check out my newest book page project,
    it includes Prosecco and champagne corks.
    Book Pages Tassels


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