Let's Go Shopping - Anthropologie!

Look at the way they displayed bedspreads - cinched at the waist and lined up like ladies in gowns!

As Marzipan turned the corner, I heard her shout "Oh my gosh, Jen come here!" I looked up to see several paper mache animal heads (just like mine!) staring down at me! They painted some and others used paper mache made from book pages!

This ceiling art piece had such movement and looked so delicate!

Upon further inspection, I realized it was made from circles of different colored foils, screen, and bits of leather that were sewn into a garland and hung en masse. Just cut different sized circles and run them through your sewing machine, creating a long strand. Repeat 20 zillion times...

This teacup and saucer cake stand was so adorable! I would love to have this to serve mini-cupcakes for my next lunch. Rough up the surface and add a little Liquid Nails for glass and you could make this yourself!

These Vintage Silverware Garden Markers are so cute! You can find vintage flatware at nearly any antique shop or flea market and this Metal Stamp Set will make it easy to customize!

The piece-de-resistance was this lovely Fabric and Paper Gown displayed in the front window. It caused the same squealing reaction that the Newspaper Gown caused a few weeks before!

Just look at the amazing texture and movement up close.

Well, that is just a taste of our trip to Anthropologie. Next week I will detail some amazing book art decor we found there!


  1. My favorite thin about Anthro is the amount of time they spend on their displays...they have a very clever team!

  2. Wow! Way different stuff. Love the uniqueness. Thanks.

  3. Embarrassed to admit I have never been in one of those shops ;-(

    A virtual breeding ground for DIY'ers

    Janet xox

  4. I love the bedspread display. I haven't been in an Anthropology in a few years so I enjoyed your pictures. I want to make stamped garden markers like the ones you showed.

  5. I love the dress and how
    the bedspreads are displayed!!
    Anthropologie is such a fun
    place to visit ~
    Thank you for showing us
    such awesome pictures!!


  6. There is an Anthropologie just around the corner from my Health Club and I have been known to stalk the windows :) I would stalk the inside a bit more, but with my current 2 year old..... acting every bit a 2 year old and temps hovering in the single digits or less..... I am waiting. I do have a soft spot for their pure and good soap (the pretty bottle anyway)

  7. That gorgeous gown reminds me of something a contestant on Project Runway would make--you know, the episodes where they give them like rubber bands and trash bags to make designs with and they create something beautiful?? :)

  8. You know, I've been meaning to make myself some garden makers like that! Thanks for the link to the stamps!! I've got this ugly gold plated silver that I've had for YEARS and have used only twice.
    Now I wonder if I can patina them to look less shiny.
    You've given me a goal today! Wooo!

  9. Hey, you scooped Anthro in the paper mache department.

  10. I couldn't love that store more!!


  11. The "gown" bedding is such a neat display idea! But if you were one of the closing crew, the last few out the door who turned off the lights as you left for the night, you have to admit those would look a little creepy hanging there in the dark. Just a little.

  12. Oh wow, those photos are awesome! I wish we had an Anthropologie store over here! I get excited going to IKEA...


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