Feeding the Plumber - Feedback Friday

With all the work going on in my home during the past few months, I've had lots of guys in here day after day.

I have always fed the guys treats when they work on my house. I started this when we built our house 6 years ago and would stop by periodically with cookies or muffins as each new crew rolled in. I reasoned that if they felt appreciated they would take extra care with my home.

Today the painters are downstairs chowing down on warm-from-the-oven Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies while rolling on my Lemon Verbena paint color.

My neighbor grilled burgers for the guy who was repainting this front door over the summer so I thought everyone did this until another friend seemed surprised! So, that got me thinking...

It's Feedback Friday!

Do you make treats for the people who work on your home?



  1. I do the same thing when someone is here doing long term work. Getting my furnace serviced? No.

    I just have this need to FEED people though. I guess it's always been my way of showing appreciation or something. (treat, drink, or a meal) Plus, I think we've grown up with old fashioned values, in that it's only polite to offer guests in your home a drink or SOMETHING. ;)

  2. I always do as well. It is something that is indeed deep within us as a nurturing trait. My husband is a plumber and he always brags to me when a customer offers him something. It does make them feel special--even if it is just a cup of coffee or a cold drink--but he really loves the sweets!!

    I think it is a lovely idea!

    Trudy aka Momma Goddess

  3. Yes! Recently one of the guys who plows the snow from the driveway said he remembers when during one of those blizzards when they were out plowing 24 hours straight - they were all so happy that at my house I fed them warm cookies.

  4. I haven't had any repair people in our house for long enough to offer anything - my husband and father in law are very handy and do most of the work themselves.

    However, b/c my husband and father in law work on other people's houses, they are often offered food and drinks and the hospitality is always appreciated. I'm always stunned by those customers who do not even allow the guys use of their bathrooms - they'll make them go to a gas station to do their business. Everyone is different, I suppose.

  5. Yes I do...for sure! We live out in the country and so there's no fast food or stores closeby for workers to run and get something. When we had a new roof put on I made a huge tray of sandwiches and climbed the ladder, bringing it up to the guys. You've never seen such big smiles! Sodas, cookies and more....I do it all the time for workers! Our house is the last house on our mail-lady's route, so in the summer I'll often give her a cold soda for the ride back to town!
    Hugs, Heidi

  6. I think treats are ok...as long as they are not "expected" by the crew. I have not yet fed the guys that are working their butts off at my house, but then again, I don't live there yet either.

    When my mother in law was renovating, she bought lunch for her crew every day, and made cookies for them into the dead of night.

    It IS an awkward situation. Can't wait to see what your readers say!

  7. Yes, I do! I have even given delivery guys a soda. I think people appreciate being treated like valuable human beings.

  8. I wouldn't mind giving them a snack, but I think that a whole meal might be too much.

  9. I don't cook for them, but I always offer them anything from a glass of water to a pop to some chips or something. And like echoed above, often the guys/gals are very appreciative and take me up on it. That's the least I can do for their hard work.

    Although I did have a roofer once ask me for a beer. That, I felt, was off limits. LOL. That's all I needed was him falling off.


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