Basement Reveal, cont...

Did you see my Evolution of a Basement last week?

Another area that was important to have in our new basement was a kid zone. We needed space for toys, game playing, and a spot for their larger equipment like the air hockey and basketball game.

You can see my old kitchen table backed up against the back of the couch:

This defined this area and provided a place for board games, snacks (I'm a no eating on the furniture mommy), and projects. I also wanted the table in this particular spot to deter kids from vaulting over the back of the couch to get in to the TV area.

Behind the table is a space for floor play and this bank of closets that holds all the toys!

Over to the right are the big games like air hockey and basketball:

Are you wondering what is beyond that door? My very own Studio! Remember when I painted Faux Ceramic Tiles on the floor?

Here is a gallery wall I created with some of my projects and family photos. I have lots of room to expand!

I will share the rest of the basement on Wednesday, so come on back!


  1. what a great space and it is huge! your one lucky girl:)

  2. Hey Jen,
    What a wonderful job you have done in this space. Looks looks you planned out special areas for everyone including yourself.
    I too was a 'no eating on the furniture' Mom and because of that, my furniture has NEVER had a stain on it. I thinks it is a great rule.
    Looking forward to the tour of the studio.

    Janet xox


  3. This is beautiful! I love the studio and your inspiring wall gallery.

  4. You know nothing like another mommy with boys thought process!!! I LOL "I put the table here to prevent them from vaulting over the back of the couch - hahaha. My husband and I were arguing about this! I was like we can't give them enough space to gain any speed down there. It's like the table is a giant speed bump! I agree with the food thing too TABLES ONLY!!! Drives me insane to sit in an old sandwich or step on Goldfish INSANE. Love your space!!!

  5. This is an amazing space, well done! love your studio :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. I am so with you on the no eating on the furniture rule ~ so not happening. Now if only I could solve my jumping over the arms of the couch to sit on it dilema ~ drives me crazy!

    Looks great Jen!

  7. I love your new space! I can't wait for my own studio someday. Enjoy!

  8. What an amazing basement...love how you have set it out...looks like it should be featured on Divine Design :)

  9. Can I move into your basement? Pretty please?


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