The Evolution of a Basement

So, we have lived in our home for almost 7 years. We have made the most of our basement area during that time, but only recently decided to finish it. Want to take a journey of the evolution of my basement?

Here is how our basement was for most of the time we've lived here, a carpet remnant, lots of toys, and a TV.:

One weekend, when The Big Guy was out of town, the kids and I painted the walls with DryLock paint to try to make it look more finished:

A few years later it was time to take the big plunge and hire a contractor. Soon, it looked like this:

Then it looked like this!

After several months, lots of selections, and lots and lots of dust, it looks like this!

Our basement is really large since the garage is on the ground level. We knew we needed to section it to make the most of our space and make it cozy. The goal of all my decorating decisions is always coziness!

We divided our basement into a TV/family room area, a game/toy/kid area, adult game area, a "bar" area, and my studio. Over the next week or so, I can take you on a tour of the finished space and provide you with a spec sheet of our selections in case you see something you like. It's not ideal to take photos with artificial lighting, but since we are in a lower level with very little natural light, we will have to tolerate the yellow cast the lighting creates.

For today, let's look at the TV/Family Room area where we spend most of our time:

While decorating the shelves, I tried to keep The Big Guy in mind and included an eclectic mix of rustic, sporty, and fun objects. I framed a tee flag from a golf outing, and added an old boomerang, cigar humidor, and autographed Hines Ward football right along side my collection of hand made paper weights (thanks Joy!), empty candle holders, and lots of interesting books.

Durable leather furniture piled with lots of blankets and cozy pillows was a must. I have to say, we have spent every single evening down here since it was completed.

Here is the mantle we were able to create from that huge slab of cherry you all saw a few months ago! I had someone cut it down and I applied many coats of satin polyurethane before it was mounted with a cement-looking version of caulking. I sponged some acrylic paint over the caulking to help it blend with the stones.

Come back on Monday to see the rest of the basement!


  1. Oh my goodness I love it! Its like another house! Wish houses were built with basements here in New Zealand. The added space would be awesome :)

  2. Wow...what a great family space you have now...jealous!
    Can't wait to see the rest

    janet xox

    PS...is that where I'll be sleeping when I visit????

  3. Gorgeous! And that mantle rocks! I remember having a basement just like the first picture as well.

  4. Gorgeous! You all have done a fantastic job.

  5. Wow! Can't wait to see more. Love how you have dedicated areas...hoping to get our basement set up like that soon.

  6. Oh it's fanatastic!!! We are smack in the middle of this - Just put the bathroom/ laundry back and are rewireing ( my husband is a carpenter so we are on the 7 year plan as well).

    I have to ask because we have been arguing about TV placement. Do you feel the TV is too high? I feel like we are all going to need neck splints if we put the TV up over the mantel - not to mention we have a working woodstove below it! I would love your input!
    Thanks! Patty

  7. Hines honey Hines... NOT Heinz :)

    That one would go perfect with our signed Ben football and Troy P. figurine (a lovely gift from friends).

    Your basement is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!

  8. Patty,

    The bottom of our TV is 57 inches off the ground and we needed to move the couch back to accommodate that height. The front of our couch is 10 1/2 feet back from the TV and it is comfortable. Any closer would have us craning our heads, so the couch ended up a bit further back than we planned.

    I hope this helps!


  9. I LOVE it!!! It's its own little living space! I really like your furniture choices as well! Can't wait for the tour!

  10. I DREAM of the day we live in a house that has a daylight basement, it would be mine all mine! Haha!

    It was awesome to see the transformation of yours, I would be in heaven for a space like that!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


  11. WOW! Don't you love it when a plan comes together! What a wonderful place to hang out in with the family! I hope the Big Guy appreciates you thinking of him when you decorated!!!

  12. Absolute perfection! Will be back to see more and joining your blog, so interesting!

  13. Wow! That is fantastic. I wish my basement looked like that!!!!

  14. I can honestly say I think about your new space almost every day since we got the tour....I JUST LOVE IT for you!! But it's way to amazing to call it a basement....gotta re-name it!


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