Planting Seedlings

Soon I'm going to plant some seeds to eventually transplant into my garden. Here are a few tips and ideas I've gathered over the last few months:

Cottage Hill's Newspaper Seed Pots:

Anthropologie's Vintage Silverware Plant Markers:

Gardening Tips and Ideas recommends grinding up egg shells in your food processor then sprinkling around the base of tomato plants to ward off blossom end rot.

I have also used egg shells to start seedlings before transferring them to a larger pot:

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  1. Great ideas - I love the newspaper seed pots.

  2. I love the silverware plant markers. So pretty. I am anxious to start a garden too, but have to close on the townhouse first. Mid May can't come soon enough. I like the idea of the egg shells. Do you have to break the egg shells when transplanting so the roots can stretch out?

  3. Can I sign up to be one of those share cropper kinda things where I just come every week and there are fresh things in my basket???? :)


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