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Recycled Pallet Headboard:

Customized Curtains:

Yes, we drive a pick-up truck...Is that why I got such a kick out of this Redneck Wine Glass?!?

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  1. My mom saw redneck wine glasses at a HUGE arts and crafts expo. They were $15/ glass. She came home and made a ton of them and gave them to us for Christmas. She filled them with candy and put the mason jar lids on them. Ours is now filled with chalk for our chalkboard. They are so fun!

  2. Lol! My husband won a redneck wine glass at a quarter auction the other day. He was very proud of his find.

    P.S. I hope that you and your guys are having a fantastic summer!


  3. Now this is a huge honor to be part of what you learned!!!! YAY!!!!

  4. We got a set of those redneck wine glasses at our wedding! Love them! hahaha!


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