How Do You Feel?

Okay, I think everyone's kids are back to school at this point. You have the house to yourself. How do you feel? I'm sad for a few weeks, to be honest. I guess it was a little easier for me this year to fall back into a routine and that made me even sadder! I don't want to get used to not having them around, but that's the job of a mother, right? I'm supposed to raise them to not need me.

Have you listened to the ABBA song that leaves me with a knot in my throat every year? No? Click here. (ABBA? Sentimental? Ridiculous, right?)

So, school has started and it's Feedback Friday...

How do you feel the first week of school - Relief? Sadness? Both?


  1. I feel like the summer went way too quickly this year!! My kids are at great ages for going on family adventures and I'll miss having them around the house. But the school day goes so fast so I think I'll probably get over it! LOVE that ABBA song - it's on my ipod!

  2. This is our third week of school and I already feel frustrated. Both boys are having a rough time getting back into the swing of things and their grades reflect that. Yes, I miss them, but I also feel relief that I am not battling the younger one wanting to play the Wii constantly and the older one wanting to hang out with his girlfriend 99% of the time. And I'm also glad I work Fridays now, so i can go see adults...

  3. No kiddos in school yet, but Hubby is a teacher. It's hard getting him back into the swing of it too. He's been home all summer sharing the parenting and chore responsibilities so we're back to finding the balance. Add on that I'm due with #2 tomorrow and the transition this year is rough!

  4. I"m enjoying it. I do better with the structure. I'm not all crafty like you, and don't enjoy doing stuff like that so I felt as if our days were long. We're all tired this Friday night though from the new schedule.

  5. I was a minority with my "mom" friends. I wasn't ready for summer to end. We had a fun summer ~ busy, relaxing, fun. And honestly, when they left for school on Tuesday morning I was bummed. But after a good workout, I refocused my energy on the work I needed to get done at home (2 new appliances came today 2 more on Monday) and the week has flown by. Glad I had something to distract me :)


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