Christmas Mantle

I've been scurrying to get most of my house decorated before December 1st this year. Last year, I was a little late and I felt frustrated that I had done so much work that would be taken down in 3 weeks!

After many trips up and down from the attic, my mantle is finished with a few new tweaks this year:

I found these amazing giant pine cones from Save On Crafts at a great price (10 for $10!!! Woot!). I used inspiration from my Pinterest "Christmasy Stuff" board, and planted mini trees along the mantle this year.

I made the wooden angel wings a few years ago and had to include them again.

I rubbed acrylic paint in Citron Yellow and Jamaican Sea colors (Folk Art paints)over terra cotta pots with a rag and inserted the giant pine cones and scattered them over the mantle with a garland.

A few green balls and twinkle lights for a glow at night and it was easy peasy! I'd love to see your Holiday Mantle this year. Drop me a link if you want me to come visit!


  1. Love the earthy rustic theme! The angel wings are such a rare find! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just love your mantels, I think they are by far my most favorite posts of yours! You are so creative! Beautiful one, once again!

  3. Very pretty and rustic!


  4. Very pretty. I like the giant pine cones in cute little pots. And, the angel wings are precious.

  5. Your mantel is beautiful Jen!

    janet xox

  6. Looks fabulous! I love the pinecones and I've always loved your angel wings! We just got our tree tonight and the kids had to decorate it. :) Not the best night as I am attempting to recreate my parents wedding cake for a surprise 40th anniversary party we are throwing for them. So.... the tree is done and the mantel ~ well, that may have to wait until after the weekend (although the kids did get their stocking hung on it).


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