How to Stretch Your Boots - Pinterest Pass or Fail?

I found a pair of boots a few years ago that were a great bargain. They were the perfect black boot for every day. I loved them, but they were too tight along the sides. I bought them anyway with the intention of stretching them out. I imagined myself bopping along in my new black boots looking all sassy. That never happened.

They were too uncomfortable to even wear around to stretch them! So, they hung out in my closet. They were embarrassed.

I tried to give them away to Treat Girl, but they were too big. Finally, I discovered this tutorial for stretching your boots with ice! I pinned it to my DIY board and vowed to wear those boots!

This is a Pinterest PASS! It worked! Now, I'm trying to think of all the other shoes I have that may pinch. You can use this method with any leather shoe.

After I removed the ice I rubbed boot conditioner on the inside of the boot, paying close attention to the seams, and wore them around with some old socks for a few hours. Nice and comfy.

So, that is my Pinterest Project for the week. What Pins have you tried?

Mama Izzy made this Pesto Pasta. Drop me a link so I can check out what you tried and if it passed or failed!

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  1. I haven't written about it, but I tried the one to flat iron your hair and make it fuller. Totally freaking works. Takes longer to do my hair, but it works. That is a super big deal when you have fine, flat hair. Here's the pin, http://pinterest.com/pin/221520875390887218/

  2. love the idea! i might try it for my husband's shoes! i wear a size 4, no shoes are NEVER EVER too tight for me!!!

  3. I made the Biscuit Dough Donuts pinned from your blog! ;) http://www.trulylovelyblog.com/2011/11/biscuit-dough-donuts.html

  4. hé ! what a usefull tip ! thanks !


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