Olive Fritte (fried olives) - Pinterest Pass or Fail

We are hosting The Big Guy's executive staff Christmas Party at our home this year (so scared!). It will be the 1st time a General Manager at his club has ever hosted the staff at home and I just want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. We are having some of the food catered, but I feel like cooking for guests really shows you put some effort into the event and I wanted delicious food that even his award winning chef would enjoy.

I've been saving Par-tay Food on Pinterest and have been intrigued by the Olive Fritte, originating at Bellalimento for a while.

I finally decided to test it beforehand and was shocked at how quick and easy the whole process was! I made up a few and tried them hot and at room temp. to determine if they could be made ahead and they were delicious both ways. The Big Guy is concerned about the smell of oil in the house so I might plug in my frier on the back porch.

Olives are tricky, you either love them or hate them. I love them and used a blue cheese to stuff. Here is the scoop:

Olive Fritte

Find large, pitted olives

Stuff each with a small sliver of cheese (blue, chevre, ricotta...)- you can do this ahead

Set up a breading station of flour, beaten egg, and bread crumbs.

Begin by coating the stuffed olives in flour then egg.

Scoop out with a slotted spoon and drop right into the bread crumbs to coat.

**I need to experiment to see if I can do everything up to this point ahead of time.**

Slide olives into 350 degree oil and fry for about 20 seconds or until golden. They fry quickly, so have your slotted spoon and a paper towel covered plate ready, sister!

I have been dreaming about this little delicacy since I made them last week! Yikes!


Jennifer tried this new hair styling technique with a flat iron.

And Kassie tried my own Doughnuts with Biscuit Dough pin.

What pins have YOU tried this week? Drop me a link and I'll check it out!


  1. Oh no, another recipe I need to try! I'm already so behind!

  2. I'm not a fan of olives, but I can see how people that are would love those.

    This week I did used a method I found on Pinterest to photograph my tree and it is the best tree pic I have ever taken. I've got it on my blog today.

  3. Those olives look AMAZING! I love trying new Pinterest recipes so much that I actually do a post called pinTerEST Kitchen every Sunday on my blog: http://asoutherngrace.blogspot.com/2008/12/saltines-have-never-had-it-so-good.html
    Can't wait to pin and try these olives!

  4. Mmmm, those look tasty! Good luck with the party! Whenever we use our fryer (typically only for hubby's favorite ~ fried fresh fish), I make hubby cook outside :)

  5. I would LOVE these...just had my very first fried pickle the other day...YUM!!!!

    janet xox

  6. Wow, that sounds so delicious! I'm hosting a party at my house on Saturday and think these might get squeezed onto the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I LOVE olives!!! This sounds delicious!! :)

  8. These look great! I'll bet that your guests will really enjoy them.

  9. I Love Olives---looks delish! (I too am not a fan of smelly frying..gagola, walking around smilling like a fry daddy!)

    This week, I saved us $40 and *gasp* cut my kids hair (normally I just buzz them, but for Christmas pics wanted a nice cut). thank God for pinterest videos! Our youngest has the whole shaggy thing going on, so I followed a tutorial on how to cut a girls hair (he cried the entire time..I want a pofessinoooollll). Turned out GREAT! The other two were just the normal boy cuts, but super easy video :) Pinterest Win!

  10. I pin something almost every day for FineCraftGuild. This week: Christmas cookies and cake ideas, as well as easy Christmas decorations, the occassional bright knitting idea and home renovating stuff.

    heck, FOLLOW ME, at

    and you can see what I'm up to from time to time, when you feel like it.

    tada, have a happy day,

  11. Btw these olives look amazing; and as I have a batch of my own ** 4 ** olive trees, I shall try this...


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