My New Camera!

I got my first big girl camera (Nikon D3100) for Christmas this year and it's my new obsession! We are a super active family, so a huge 55-300 zoom lens for sports photography was in my stocking. I swear I've taken 300 photos since I got it...want to see?

Our new sport this year is wrestling! I love watching and love photographing it even more. The concentration, the agony of defeat, the pure muscle. Sometimes it's easy to forget these are little boys on that mat! Though I have to say it's a sport that teaches accountability, if you lose there is no one else to blame. You have to accept it and vow to improve. A great life lesson.

My middle son is methodical and works the moves. He thinks about the little things like wearing his opponent down by digging in his chin while slowly working his hand around for a half-nelson.

The coaches have labeled my youngest son's style as "unorthodox" and he usually goes for the muscle moves. He just makes them move where he wants them to go!

And of course, my oldest is still into ski racing. He got "new" hand-me-down) race skis from a generous neighbor this season and won a bronze medal last week!

Sometimes as I'm looking through my photo card I see some surprises since I'm shooting on continuous shutter...like this...

I will admit that this freaked me out a bit!


  1. How exciting! Isn't it fun to shoot sports with a good camera and capture all that action?? Love that face on your son in the last photo - that is excellent! Tough guy!

  2. But just think of all the great surprise shots. Cool.

  3. Congrats on the new camera! Love the action shots! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love rapid shot--we get the best wipe outs when the boys are water skiing!!!! (or when dad is trying to be a big ol' hambone show off and biffs it big time...that series might make it on the wall, lol)

  5. Great shots! Our son is only 4, but I'm already dreading the day he starts wrestling. Hubby wrestled in high school and wrestling in our town starts young...in kindergarten...

  6. Yay you and your new camera!!! I love the DSLR hubby got me for mothers day last year! And your son looks freakishly strong. :) What are you feeding him?


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