Baby Bird - Feedback Friday

My Feedback Friday post for this week got pushed back a bit after this story about actress Alicia Silverstone's baby feeding technique was discussed on the Today Show yesterday. Alicia pre-chews the food of her 10 month old son and feeds him like a baby bird, from her own mouth.

You can watch the video clip of her feeding technique and some of the debate from the Today Show below:

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Alicia blogged about it in her blog which you can read HERE. There you can read her own words and her reader's reactions.

It's Feedback Friday...

Do you think this feeding method is sweet, cute, yucky, gross, dangerous, harmless?

Any other thoughts?


  1. I wonder when she will allow the child to eat on his own.....will she go to school and prechew his cookies?


  2. i dont like to judge other moms, but man that is gross! doesnt she know that they sell baby food processors?

  3. Is this always how she feeds him? Or just sometimes? When my kids were little, I occasionally bit a grape in half, but this seems a little gross.

    1. I can remember my boys trying to get the gum out of my mouth when they were little. I might have given it to them a time or two.

      When I watch this video I think her objective must be more of a bonding thing than necessity. I wonder if she gave up nursing and is looking for a substitute that will give her that same closeness? Either way, I don't see him grabbing for it, I see her trying to coax him to take it by repeatedly leaning in and offering the food.

  4. why? when i heard this that's all i could think of......why? that's just yucky.

  5. Good morning!!! Jen, I love it when we post about the same topic. I love reading all of the comments and different opinions that come up.

    I couldn't agree more with everyone here. I see this as gross. Even the title of her video ("Bear Eating My Mouth") is bizarre. I think it's a bad habit to start or encourage.

    1. Our job as parents is to teach our kids to not need us, as sad as that sounds. We are supposed to be teaching them to eat, not eating for them.

      I don't want to judge, but I agree, it seems like a bad habit.

  6. Ewww! I don't think there's anything harmful about it, I just think it's gross

  7. They say not to feed your baby from the baby food jar because you transfer bacteria from their mouth into the jar. This is worse, just totally unhygienic! I have no trouble sharing food with my kids, but I can't imagine prechewing things and then feeding them. Just cut it into little pieces and hang out with them while they're eating. YUCK!

  8. She needs a real job where she barely has time to chew her own food, get the baby up-dressed-fed and off to sitter before reporting to work at 7:30. Only in the movies!

  9. Total yuck factor for me! I don't even like to drink out of the same cup as someone. I agree with 2 little hooligans ~ they do make food processors of all shapes and sizes :) I made 85% of my youngest's food ~ good ingredients, cooked and fresh... then pureed in the Magic Bullet ~ not my mouth. There are other ways to bond!

  10. Is it gross? Yes.
    Is it something I would do? Nope

    But is it really my place to judge? nope

    I probably do a lot of parenting things that she wouldn't agree with.
    I don't understand why mothers continually critique each other. If it doesn't do anything to you personally and it is not a life or death matter, what business is it of ours how another family chooses to do things?
    If everyone is healthy, happy and loved, that is all that counts.


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