Apple Trick - Pinterest Pass or Fail

I save all my pins that make me say "Doh!" on my Great "Doh!" Moments board. You know, those tips that make you say, why didn't I think of that?!?

Sometimes the tips are a little too good to be true.

One of the first things I pinned was a tip for making an Apple Puzzle for school lunches. You were to cut up the apple then reassemble it using rubber bands to hold it together.

The theory was that it wouldn't turn brown because the interior wouldn't be exposed to the air. This pin originated at @ Home with Real Food blog.

So, we went for a little bike ride this weekend and I packed some snacks, and some apples:

We biked for about 2 hours then stopped for a break. We pulled the band off the apple with anticipation...

Brown. Darn. Pinterest fail.

What Pins have YOU tried this week?


  1. I printed on fabric. I was skeptical, but it worked: http://trophyw.blogspot.com/2012/03/carrots.html

  2. I pinned some fabric bookmarks and made them yesterday - turned out real cute. I will blog about them soon...maybe if you put lemon juice on the cut sides of the apple? I don't know...

    1. I'm sure that would work - I also heard dipping them in lemonade, but I've never tried it. I just wanted to see if this neat trick worked, but they looked nearly the same as they would have if I hadn't rubberbanded them.

  3. We discover amazing things by just jumping in and trying them. I agree, I think if you had put some lemon juice on them before you put the puzzle back together it wouldn't have turned brown. :-)

  4. I tried this one too - the rubber band didn't hold it all together and it fell apart, maybe I needed a tighter rubber band. Glad to know it doesn't really work anyway.

  5. Bummer. I have that one pinned too!

  6. Last year I read about using a ziplock bag, suck all the air out with a straw (or not, if you're to lazy to walk across the kitchen to dig one out of the junk drawer ;)),and you've got an instant vacuum packed apple bag. Seriously, I had apples in the fridge for 2 days and they still looked like I had just cut them :)

  7. I made a wreath from the innards of an old book......http://www.mamagdog.blogspot.com/2012/03/pinterest-pass-or-fail.html


  8. that is funny- i always cut my apple that way for work :) and then i wrap it tightly in saran.

  9. The kids and I made Peep smores over the weekend. We microwaved them. Roasting Peeps on little sticks over a fire just seemed barbaric... plus I'm lazy. They were delicious. They were a little more festive than regular smores, and a lot more expensive. But it was fun! We'll probably do this every year now.

  10. I've been wanting to try that one. hmmm.....I guess not.

    I need to actually DO some of the pins I have on my boards instead of just pinning them. lol

  11. Weird! I pack my son an apple almost every other day using that method and it works pretty well. I use a wide produce band like the ones that come on brocoli and then pop it in a small mason jar with a lid. A couple times the apple has made it all the way back home and is still in good condition when it makes it back here.

    I love this blog btw! I found it searching for sugar glitter.


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