$1 Summer Bag


During our latest Soul Sisters outing, The Treat Girl gifted all of us with a cute new bag for summer.

I was excited for the gift, but MORE excited when I learned that each bag cost about $1! How is this possible?  Aha, that Treat Girl is a clever one...


Straw bag from Target Dollar Bin
Silver Spray Paint

 Yep, you heard me, Target Dollar Bin!  These bags come already lined!

Just spray silver (or the color of your choice) and add a pretty ribbon from your stash and you are good to go!  Change out the ribbon to match your outfit and swing that sassy bag as you walk through the mall spending all the money you saved.

Don't like the ribbon?  Try making an Easy Fabric Flower to add to the strap:

Hey, it would be fun if we all ran out to Target right now and embellished our own straw totes and showed them off!  If you are game, leave me a comment and I can have a contest!  I'll look for something to give the winner and we can link up!  Oooh, I'm excited (which you can tell from my over use of exclamation points!!!)


  1. Sounds fun! My 9 yr old would love decorating her own bag :)

  2. I got 4 at 75% off! Off to spray:)

  3. Turned out fabulous! What a great gift idea from the Treat Girl! I really like it with the flower.


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